Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones


It is one of the best book that I have read entire of my life because of my habits. This book teaches you how you can build, create or eliminate any of your habit whether it is good habit or bad one. Habits shape our lifes, and our habits create our own future, and reality. Thanks to good habits, we create good things into our life. But because of bad habits, we can create also bad things into our life.

Normally, gaining any new habit can be though for most of people, especiallly if there is a contradict situation with current situation, it can be challenging for person. It is same in bad habits, because once the person has bad habit, and if the person wants to give up his/her bad habit, it would be challenging at the beginning. This book guides you and teaches you how to build good habits with proven techniques, and strategies, and how to eliminate bad habit with same effective techniques.

Always be aware the importance of habits, because habits create our own reality, and life. I would strongly recommend you to keep this book from your book shelf in case of any of your life time habit. Because whether good or bad, you will have habits on your life, and as an individual, you would always want to create your own habits, by your own actions. This book teaches you how to do that.