What is Happiness Coaching ?

Happiness Coaching Service is based directly to increase your Happiness in your life, under what circumstances you are in. As a human, sometimes, we may struggle to feel, or find happiness in our life. However, we should never forget that we only live one time. We came to this world to become happy, to live a joyful life. Our lifetime happiness sometimes can disappear due to some unexpected actions or problems, but our main goal in life is our happiness. Because once we are happy, we fulfill our mission in life. Our first mission in this life is our happiness. 

Happiness Coaching basically helps you to find your happiness. 

Happiness coaches help you to determine what actions make you happy, or which areas you are interested in. After that happiness coach determines your happiness, and guides you on your happiness journey. Never forget that you should only be happy in this life, because this is your primary goal.

I am going to give a good examples about Happiness Coaching:

For example, I have been doing Latin Dance(Salsa, Bachata) since I was 17 years old. And my Dance activity is my greatest happiness activity. Due to COVID-19 problems, I haven’t been able to dance with someone for a long time. I love to dance, and dancing is my greatest happiness activity. If I had a happiness coach, I was going to talk about Latin Dances with my Happiness coaches , because I missed dancing a lot, and dance activity makes me happy a lot. Due to COVID-19 regulations, and Social Distance Rules, I don’t go to dance nights to dance with people anymore.

Like my dancing habit, Happiness Coach determines what makes you happy in this life, and determines the limitations, obstacles and negativities that keep you away from your current happiness. Like my dancing example, there can be an obstacle or limitation that keeps you away from your happiness activity.

There can be a lot of factors or actions that make you happy. And there can be some obstacles like my dance example. But under what circumstances, it doesn’t matter, happiness coach eliminates clients limitations and obstacles that cause them to be away from happiness.

Who is Happiness Coaching For ?

Every person in the world wants to be happy in their life. Basically, happiness coaching is for everyone, for every person who wants to increase their happiness. With Fatih CARPAN Happiness Coaching Service, you can increase your happiness extremely easily, and you will directly realize the difference in your happiness after one session.

Sometimes, we may seek happiness in different areas, which we are not interested in, and which areas that won’t make us happy in reality. After some expectations, we may feel disappointed or not fulfilled with real happiness. Under what circumstances it doesn’t matter, Fatih CARPAN Happiness Coaching Service increases your lifetime happiness, and your happy mood.

When you code your Conscious Mind, and Subconscious Mind with happiness, and once you truly have faith in your happiness in life, and when you make habit this being happy behavior by faith, you will become directly happy, and you will always feel gratitude, joy, and happiness in your life. In reality, happiness is just based on habit and faith.

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Once you have faith in your happiness, and once you make this happiness faith as your habit, with only basic techniques, you are going to be always happy in this life.

Are Your Committed to Your Happiness ?

What Does Happiness Coach Do ?

-Guides how to find true happiness on your life.

-Guides how to love and like more what you do on your life.

-Guides how to increase your happiness on your life time period.

-Guides how to have mental happiness permanently on your life.

-Guides how to have high level of happy mood during the day by just simple steps.

-Guides how to feel real happiness before you asleep at the night and after you wake up.

-Guides how to eliminate the distractions or negative situations that keep you away from your happiness on your life.

Benefits of Working With Happiness Coach

From CEO to workers, and from citizens to political leaders the best of the best have a coach. If you increase your Happiness in your life, under what circumstances you face or experience in life, you will always have unique and successful results in life. Every morning, you wake up day by feeling gratitude, joy, happiness, and you begin the day in a positive mood. That is, beginning a day with a positive mood is a priceless habit, because once you make this habit your long-term habit, you are going to begin to wake up every morning in a positive mood, and just being happy. This habit also changes your brain’s chemical powers, because once you are truly happy, and make happiness your habit, your immune system will also be increased. Every night, you fall asleep in a positive mood. Even though you may face challenging situations, such as depression or sad situations, you will be able to overcome them easily by just having the real happiness. Happiness coaches can act as mental health coaches too as well. They can teach clients how to protect their mental health and how they can have true happiness in their life. The great benefit of working with a Happiness Coach is that you are going to be able to learn how to protect your mental health by just being happy in your life.


Happy Mood

Every people must have a positive mood in their life, under what circumstances they are in. Happy people always have a happy mood, because they make this situation a habit. Even though they may face a problem, they can overcome this problem extremely easily, by just only being happy. Once you have a truly happy mood in your life, your life perspective will directly change. Once your life perspective is changed, you will see the whole world in a completely different view, as a positive and happy view.

Feeling Gratitude, Joy on Everyday

One of the unique features of happiness coaching is learning how to feel gratitude and joy every day of your life. Unfortunately, most of the people in the world don’t have gratitude in their life, and they don’t feel joy daily. These factors are big problem to be able to have a happy life, because, to be able to have a happy, and joyful life, you need to have full gratitude everyday of your life, and you need to feel joy everyday. Traditional school system doesn’t teach us how to become happy in life, but happiness always comes within. Having gratitude habits, and being able to feel joy everyday are the most priceless features, and factors for happy life.


Being able to smile every day

Being happy and being able to smile everyday are totally different factors. Once you truly increase your happiness, you are going to learn how to truly smile in every moment of your life. It is not easy to be able to smile in every circumstance, but happy people can smile in every situation even though they may face bad, negative experiences. Smiling truly, and fake smiling are completely different. If you truly smile in life, you will be completely happy.

Positive Life Perspective

Having a permanent positive life perspective is one of the biggest challenges in our life. Fatih CARPAN Happiness Coaching Service will completely change your life perspective from negative to completely positive. Most of the happy people don’t have a positive life perspective on their life, and they seek out what is wrong about their life perspective. When you eliminate negativity in your life, and when you put your attention only on positive factors, all your life perspectives will be changed directly.


Work with a Happiness Coach to take your happiness on next level

Working with an experienced Happiness Coach is your first step to increase your Happiness, increase your positivity, and change your life perspective permanently !

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, yes. Happiness coaches are experienced, and trained on happy life rules. When you work with Happiness Coach, the Happiness Coach directly teaches and shows you how you can increase your happiness easily, with only basic techniques. As you work with a Happiness Coach, your life perspective, and attention will be changed permanently from negative to positive, and you will be able to feel happiness in your life much better.

When you work with a Happiness Coach, you hire a person, who has extreme knowledge, and training on the field. Happiness coaches must be able to increase their clients’ happiness under what circumstances, whether the client has negativite mindset, or positive midset. Happiness coaches clarify clients’ needs for happiness, and determine what makes them happy in life.

Depending on your expectation of happiness, you can be happy, and you can increase your happiness with just basic steps. Having a happy life, being able to smile everyday, having gratitude when you wake up in the morning, having joy in your daily activities, and having a happy-positive mindset must be your first priorities in your life, because you came into this world to be happy, to have a happy life. No one deserves sad, depressed, or bad days ! You can basically recover everything in your life, but you won’t be able to recover your unhappy days from your previous times. When you increase your true happiness in your mind, you are going to create countless happy times, moments in your life. That should be your expectation on Fatih CARPAN’s Happiness Coaching Service.

Having a happy life is the greatest ability, and behavior that you can ever have. Once you increase your happiness, every part of your life will completely change. To become permanently happy in this life, you must change your focus from negativity to directly positivity. This is not an easy thing to do ! That is the first reason why you must work with a Happiness Coach. Fatih CARPAN Happiness Service guarantees to increase your happiness under what circumstances you are in your life, and changes your life perspective from negativity to positivity ! If you calculate your previous sad, unhappy days in your life, you will be able to determine the value of hiring, and working with a Happiness Coach !

It depends on the person’s basic needs for real happiness, and happy life, and expectations of happiness. Happiness is a long-term habit, that means that happiness is a long-term success. You cannot basically gain long-term success overnight. But you can gain long-term success directly, and easily with long-term habits, and reputations. Because there is a scientific reality of true happiness that is in the Subconscious Mind. In the long term, once you adopt to have happy behaviors, you are going to automatically apply the techniques that you have acquired by Fatih CARPAN’s Happiness Coaching Service. Once you learn these techniques in the long term, your Subconscious Mind will apply these techniques automatically in your life, that will keep you happy. Because of that reason, I would recommend you to work with a Happiness Coaching Service for a minimum one year.

It is time to stop thinking and take action for your happiness ! Isn’t it worth creating extra happiness for yourself during the day ? Happiness is an extremely easy habit to have, that more than you can predict, with only just basic steps.

Take action right now for your happiness, and create the happy life you deserve for yourself.