What is Health Coaching ?

Health Coaches are trained professionals that improve your health and help you to achieve your health goals for your future and help you to acquire healthy life habits. Health Coaches guide you how you can keep your health on top level. It doesn’t matter how your health is right now, you can always protect your health by just basic steps. Health Coaches can also help you to overcome your health problems or chronic illnesses. Your Subconscious Mind is the healer of your body. The Subconscious Mind can heal you from basically any illness, including deadly ones. Health Coaches can determine what makes you stay from a specific illness or health problem, and they can guide you how you can eliminate your health problem. Health Coaches can also act as Mental Health Coaches too. Health Coaches can guide you how you can protect your mental health, and how you can keep your mental wellness on top level. If you look at the world statistics right now, it doesn’t matter your age. Mental health situation is a serious matter. With only basic steps, you can protect your mental health. And you can keep your mental wellness on top level.

What does a Health Coach do ?

– Health Coaches help you to keep your health on top level. With only basic steps, you can keep your health in excellent shape.

-Health Coaches can help you to heal any of your illness or deadly illness (including cancers)

– Health Coaches can help you to gain healthy life habits. You may not have healthy life habits, that’s totally okay, but health coaches can help you to gain new healthy habits.

– Health Coaches can help you and support you for your health problem or chronic illness in your healing process. When it comes to healing any illness, unfortunately it is not easy. But with health coach support, your healing process can become much easier. Please keep in my mind that your healing process is within your Subconscious Mind. Healing any of your illnesses is equal to Faith+Mental Acceptance=Subconscious Mind just gives your health back. That is the basis of healing from any illness.

– A Health Coach can determine your bad health habits, that keeps you within poor health condition, and health coach can increase your health with only basic steps.

– Health coach can improve your mental and psychological wellness. Having a positive, excellent mindset is a completely priceless habit that you can have for yourself. Health Coaches can act as mental health Coach too, and they can support you with this Coaching as well.

– Health Coaches can help you to gain new healthy eating habits. When it comes to eating, unfortunately, most people don’t have healthy eating habits. But with Fatih CARPAN Health Coaching Service, you can gain this habit with easy ways.

– Health Coaches can create long-term health goals for yourself and help you keep them track for the long term with you.

– Health Coaches can help you to lose weight. If you have obesity problem, or if you want to lose weight for any reason, health coaches can help you to lose weight, and make your weight loss journey extremely easy.


Are Your Serious About Changing Your Health ?

Benefits of Fatih CARPAN’s Health Coaching

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Excellent Mindset

Health Coaches can act as mental health coaches too. Trained, and professional health coaches can guide you and teach you how you can protect your mental health, and how you can keep your mindset on top level. If we look at top health problems, the mental health situation has become the world’s top problem for most of the countries. You need to have a good, positive mindset to have good physical and mental health.

Healthy Eating Habit

To have good health, you need to have a healthy eating habit. If you don’t have a healthy eating habit, your health situation can be affected negatively. Furthermore, when you have a proper and good eating habit, if you have any health problems, your healing process will become much easier. Don’t underestimate having healthy eating habit. Doesn’t matter your age, you need to have a healthy eating habit for excellent health.


Better Relationships

When you have good health, you are also going to have better relationships with people you face in your daily life. Being able to have good relationships with people depends on your health. If you have good health, you are going to have good mental health too. Once your normal health and mental health are on a good level, you will have a positive mindset, and it will return your relationships with people to a good level.

Healthy Habits

Having healthy habits are compulsory factors for your health. If you don’t have permanent healthy habits, there won’t be health in your life. Every healthy habit only starts in your mind. Once you see it in your mind, it can come to your life easily after Subconscious Mind conviction. Because once you truly believe the healthy habits for your health, no matter what happens, your Subconscious Mind will bring these habits into your life.


Better Sleeping Life

Sleep is the number one factor for good health. You need a minimum of 7 or 8 hours sleep per day. Sleep problems have been increasing all over the world due to some factors. With Fatih Carpan Health Coaching Service, you can also improve your Sleep Quality much better.

Weight Loss

If you try to lose weight, or if you have obesity problem, your health coach can help you to lose weight on your weight loss journey. With right guidance, right coaching, right mentorship, right plan, and right actions, you can lose as much as weight you want easily, and you can change your body shape however you want.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone wants to have perfect health or wants to protect their health. And every person wants to have perfect body shape for their future. If you don’t have a healthy life, or if you don’t have the health you imagined in your mind, it also affects your life negatively. It can affect your relationships as well with people. Hiring a Health Coach is one of the best investments for your life, because if you don’t have proper health, you may not have the life you imagined.

You only live once, and from this life, you should be able to have a healthy body, and a healthy life for your future. You cannot change or re-create your past time’s health condition, but you can basically create your healthy habits, healthy life for your present, and for your future.

Absolutely, yes. You will learn how to boost, strengthen your health, and you will completely change your health. Healthy life is the biggest factor in an individual’s life. Your health controls, and determines everything into your body, and your life.

I would recommend you to work with a Health Coaching Service for a minimum one year. Your health is your number one priority in your life, and under what circumstances, you should always be healthy. Habits cannot be gained easily for the long term, and you should consider working with a health coach until you have your healthy life habits permanently in your life.

When you work with a health coach, you hire a person, who has extreme knowledge and training on the field. Health Coaching teaches you how you can create your personal healthy life, health and everything that you imagine about your health. Depending on what you want to achieve for your present or for your future or which healthy habits you want to have, you should have expectations from health coach.


It is time to stop thinking and taking action for your health. Health is the most important factor for your life. If you don’t invest in your health, it can affect your life negatively in the future. It is time to take action for your health.