How Are Subconscious Beliefs Formed ?

How are Subconscious Beliefs formed ? Subconscious Mind is the most powerful organ in the body. It controls everything in our life, it creates the future that we are going to live, and it creates our personal reality. Our reality only depends on our Subconscious Mind.

But if we look at what actually creates our own reality, our programmed areas or paradigms into our Subconscious Mind create our own reality. The paradigms or programmed areas into our Subconscious Mind only consist of the beliefs that we have believed, and accepted mentally. But how are these beliefs shaped, created, and formed ?

It is extremely important because the beliefs that we have believed, and accepted controls everything in our life.

There are 8 factors that impact how the Subconscious beliefs are formed.

8 Factors That Impact How The Subconscious Beliefs Are Formed

1- Parenting

Parenting is the most important area of Subconscious Mind creation, because we were born in this world without our Conscious Mind, and when we were born to the world as a baby, our Subconscious Mind was wide open. It had been wide open from our borning time, until our 6 years old time. The baby will only spend time with its family until six years old, and during this  time period, Subconscious mind has been shaped by family members. Family members, especially father, and mother have the biggest impact on Subconscious Mind formation. Most of our beliefs have been given to us by our family members until six years old time, and after six years old time, our consciousness began to exist.

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The beliefs that were given from mother and father until six years old create the child’s future. If the child has been raised within a negative environment, the child will probably have a specific negative future, the way he or she has been raised from family. However, if the child has been raised in a positive environment, the child will have positivity into his or her own life time period.

Whatever the family members give to children until they are six years old, the child will definitely have a future according to these programmes, because the age between borning time, and 6 years old time, is the programming time for children. The programmed areas or paradigms are created within this time period.

So it is always important to be aware that parenting until six years old is the most critical part of the formation of Subconscious beliefs.

2- School Time

School time period also has a critical impact on our Subconscious Mind, especially our Subconscious beliefs. We begin to go to school generally at six or seven years old, and at this time, our Conscious Mind has begun to exist. When our Conscious Mind has begun to exist, our Conscious beliefs began to form our Subconscious beliefs as well. Our Subconscious Mind has been created within this time period.

The ideas that are given to us in school time affect our future as well. For example; if we have a teacher who always gives us negative feedback, such as “you are a failure, you cannot achieve anything”, the child would probably grow in this direction. The child would reject this idea, but it is hard to reject this idea Consciously when you are a little child.  The negative idea can be changed again in the future that is created from school or teacher, but it would be much better to be influenced by a positive school environment.

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3- Friendship

Friendship is also important in our Subconscious Beliefs, because our friends also have an impact on the creation of beliefs in our minds. For example, if we have a positive friendship environment, our friends would always influence us in a positive way, and because of this influence, we would have positive things in our beliefs. However, if we have a toxic friendship environment, this toxic friendship environment will definitely affect us in a negative way.

It is always important to have a positive or good friendship environment, because our friends have a significant impact on our lives. Our Conscious actions, and thoughts create our Subconscious Mind, and our friendship may help us to create either positive thoughts or negative thoughts.

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4- Relationship or Marriage

Relationships or marriages also have a big impact on our Subconscious Mind, especially on our Subconscious beliefs, because our Subconscious Mind is our emotional mind. We get affected mostly within emotional relationships, or within our marriage. Our partner has a significant impact on affecting your Subconscious Mind. The partner can affect your Subconscious Mind either positively,by giving you positive thoughts, and beliefs, or the partner can also give you negative opinions as well.

We accept the thoughts, and beliefs from our Conscious Mind, and when we emotionally involve the thought, or belief that we are given, we will impress our Subconscious Mind the thought’s direction. Because it is always easier to accept any thought mentally when you are in the emotional state, or when the thought has emotional meaning. Our relationships, or marriages give us the most emotional time in our life, so marriage, and relationships have a big impact on the formation of Subconscious beliefs.

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5- Affirmations

The affirmations that we develop, and practice in our lifetime are extremely important for our future, because affirmations create our habits. Our Conscious Mind is our short term habits, and our Subconscious Mind is our long term memory, and habits. Once we create the affirmation which can be positive or negative, we have to make this affirmation as an action, and we do it as an action. Once we repeat this affirmation over, and over again, it will be programmed into the Subconscious Mind, and the affirmation will create a new programmed area or paradigm into the Subconscious Mind.

The affirmation we accept, and take action in the first place will create our long term habits, and reality, and the long term affirmations always come from long term beliefs.

At first, if we give ourselves positive affirmation, our Subconscious beliefs will be formed in a positive way.

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6- Personal Beliefs

Our personal beliefs, and current emotions create our own reality, and future in our life. Whatever personal belief you have in your life, it will become your personal reality. When it comes to personal beliefs, the good news is that you are the creator of your own personal beliefs. Whatever you desire, and want to believe, it will become your personal belief, and you can change this belief by your own actions. It is extremely important to create positive, or beneficial personal beliefs in the first place, because once these personal beliefs are accepted from the Subconscious Mind, our Subconscious beliefs will be formed this way.

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7- Desire

Our personal desire has an important role in the formation of Subconscious Beliefs. When we want to create something new, we have to have the desire firstly, that we can create.

When we have any desire, we would accept the idea or thought much easily, because the desired idea or thought has emotional involvement, and this emotional involvement can create our Subconscious beliefs much easily.

When we have any desire in the Conscious Mind, the Subconscious Mind would obey this desired direction easily.

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8- Content You Consume

During our lifetime, we consume a lot of content. The content includes the news that we consume daily, the media channels that we follow, the books or writing articles that we read, the videos that we watch willingly. We consume these contents only by our own choice, and if we consume positive content, the positive content will impact our Subconscious reality in a positive way. However, if we consume negative content, the negative content will affect our Subconscious Mind in a negative way. It is always important to consume positive content so that we can form our Subconscious beliefs from the direction that we want.

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