How Can Conscious Mind Impact Your Health ?

How can Conscious Mind impact your health ? Our health is our first priority in our life. Everyone wants to have a healthy life. Having a healthy life can be achieved by having the right habits. But our Conscious Mind also has a big responsibility in our health.

The Subconscious Mind controls every body functions, organs functions, cells, blood circulation in our body, etc. However, Conscious Mind controls Subconscious Mind. Conscious Mind can impact Subconscious Mind either negatively or positively.

If our Conscious mind affects our Subconscious Mind negatively, our health will get affected negatively. But if our Conscious Mind affects our Subconscious Mind positively, our health will definitely be affected positively.

Our minds, and our bodies have extremely close relationships with each other. Because our minds control our body, and it’s all functions. But apart from Subconscious Mind, Conscious Mind has a critical role in our health. Conscious Mind is protector, and gatekeeper of Subconscious Mind.

Conscious Mind protects the Subconscious Mind from false impressions, beliefs, that can harm us, and harm our health.

If we look at every illness, health problems, disease, most of the time, these problems firstly begin within our Conscious Mind. Because any false, or negative impressions can cause us some problems in our health. And, we don’t want that. We have to understand the relationship between Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind, and the body.

There are 5 impacts of Conscious Mind on our health.

5 Impacts of Conscious Mind On Our Health

1- The Beliefs, And Thoughts

Every belief, and thought that we have in our life are firstly created within our Conscious Mind. Conscious Mind is the creator of every thoughts, and belief. But how do these thoughts, and beliefs affect our health ?

These thoughts, and beliefs basically create everything that we have in our life, such as our health, wealth, relationships with people, successes, failures, healings, everything that you can imagine.  These thoughts, and beliefs, that are firstly created, and existed in our Conscious Mind, dictate, and create our Subconscious Mind reality. What is the Subconscious Mind reality ? The Subconscious Mind controls every function of the body, our life, and it is a subjective mind, it is only controlled, and managed from the Conscious Mind. So whatever Conscious Mind accepts, and gives as belief, and though as consciously, Subconscious Mind will directly accept these thoughts, and create the realities, that is the life you live in.

If the Conscious Mind creates, and accepts, negative thoughts, such as fear, jealousy, anger, hate, or negative opinion about anyone, and these negative influences will directly go, and impress the Subconscious Mind. Our Conscious Mind is our protector, that can analyze, and determine what is good or bad, and depending on the situation, Conscious Mind has to accept the thoughts that are beneficial for us, and Conscious Mind has to reject the thoughts that are harmful for us.

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When there is negative influence from Conscious Mind to Subconscious Mind, Subconscious Mind cannot determine what is good or bad, it will directly accept whatever Conscious Mind gives, and it will affect the body extremely more negatively according to these negative thoughts, and feelings.

That’s the problem about Conscious Mind, because every problem in the body starts within the Conscious Mind, with a thought.

If we assume that the Conscious Mind only creates positive thoughts, such as love, gratitude, positive thinking, abundance, joy, strong faith, etc, there will be only positivity in your life, because the Subconscious Mind will still accept whatever the Conscious Mind gives. So it is critically important to create positive thoughts for your health because these positive thoughts will determine the life that you live in.

And Conscious Mind has a strong impact on our health mostly, because of the thoughts, and beliefs that are created within there.

2- The Actions We Take

Whether you have a positive action or negative action in your life, all of the actions begin within the Conscious Mind. Conscious Mind is a short term memory, and only keeps short term memories, and these short term memories will create your short term actions. These short term memories, and actions will impact the Subconscious Mind, that is long term memory, and runs all of our behaviors.

If we take positive actions in the short term, and keep these actions over, and over again, the Subconscious Mind will be impacted by positive actions, and these positive actions will be our new behavior, that will be impressed from our Subconscious Mind as long term memory, and long term actions.

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If we take negative actions in the short term, and keep these negative actions over and over again for the long term, the opposite situation will happen.

It is always important to create positive actions in our consciousness, and keep these positive actions for the long term.

3- Life Choices

Most health problems, and illnesses are created firstly, because of environmental factors, and our life choices. Our life choices basically determine what kind of health we are going to have in our life.

Every life choices come from Conscious Mind, and our thoughts, and our actions depending on these thoughts will determine our life choices. Our short term life choices will always determine our long term life choices, and these choices will impact our long term life choices, and our health situation.

So it is always important to create beneficial, positive life choices for our health such as, daily reading habit or daily exercising.

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There are countless scientific studies that proved that daily exercises reduce the chance of diagnosing most diseases and illnesses.

It is always important to develop positive life choices that will impact our health in a positive way in the long term.

And all of these choices start within our Conscious Mind.

4- Emotions

Our emotions also have a critical role in our health, because our emotions determine the chemistry that our brain has. For example; if the individual has positive emotions, and keeps these positive emotions in the long term, the brain will release positive chemicals that will directly impact the body in a positive way. Any positive thoughts affect the brain in only a positive way.

 However, if the individual has negative thoughts, and negative emotions, and if the person keeps these emotions in the long term, the brain will definitely release negative chemicals in the brain that will directly impact the body in a negative way.

So, it is totally up to the individual what kind of emotions, and brain chemicals that the person is going to have.

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Every emotions, firstly are created within Conscious Mind, and every of these emotions are kept within Subconscious mind. So it is extremely important and critical to create positive  emotions from our Conscious Mind in the first place. Because our current Conscious Emotions will create our long term health.

5- Relationships With Other People

Our relationships with people also impact our health. It can affect our health positively or negatively depending on the relationship that we have with the specific person.

If you have a partner who always gives you negativity, influences you in a negative, toxic way, you are going to get affected definitely negatively in the long term because of your toxic relationship.

However, if your partner always encourages you in a positive way, your good relationship will definitely impact your health in a positive way.

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The relationship doesn’t have to be with a partner. It can be a friendship, or it can be a conversation with any family member.

Any kind of negative or positive relationship in our life will either affect our health in a positive or negative way.