How Can Conscious Mind Make Faster Your Healing Journey ?

How can Conscious Mind make faster your healing journey ? When we have any health problem, illness, we generally underestimate the power of the Conscious Mind. Because most of the time, the specific illness or health problem is created according to Conscious actions, choices, or environmental factors, but we have to be aware of the fact that if conscious reality can create the illness or disease, conscious reality can also eliminate the same illness or health problem.

Conscious Minds make faster or slower your healing journey. When it comes to healing, there are two different types of healer of the body. The Subconscious Mind is the biological healer of the body. And, Infinite Intelligence is Spiritual Healing. Two types of healing are totally different from each other. However, Conscious Mind can affect both types of healing at the same time.

Conscious Mind controls, and shapes the Subconscious Mind. Subconscious Mind may or may not release the healing according to Conscious thoughts, and beliefs. Because the Subconscious Mind will be affected positively or negatively, depending on the Conscious Mind.

Conscious Mind has an extremely important role in biological, or faith healing. Because the Subconscious Mind is the real healer of the body. The Subconscious Mind controls  every body functions, organ functions, cells, and healing power. And the Subconscious Mind is controlled only by the Conscious Mind. There are some ways to change, and impact the Subconscious Mind as well, but the real change always comes from the Conscious Mind.

For example; if we look at the Parkinson Disease patient, they cannot get recovered, that’s because Parkinson Disease affects extremely negatively the individual’s Conscious thinking ability, and thoughts. There are some other reasons as well, but the main reason why Parkinson Disease Patients cannot recover fully from illness is Conscious Mind thoughts.

Note: Parkinson Disease will be cured when I move to the USA, when I move to California, USA, after 3 months, Parkinson Disease will be cured. I cannot give a specific time period when I will move to the USA, but you can be assured that Parkinson Disease will be cured in the near future.

The Subconscious Mind can basically heal any illness, including Parkinson Disease, and Infinite Intelligence can also heal Parkinson Disease as well.

When it comes to Infinite Intelligence healing, that’s God’s power. And that’s the power that can only be released by God. But Conscious Mind power also affects us to reach this power, because of belief, and awareness.

There are 7 important roles for Conscious Mind so that Conscious Mind can make faster your healing journey.

7 Important Roles That Conscious Mind Has So That The Healing Journey Can Become Faster

1- Strong Faith, and Belief

When it comes to biological healing, which is Subconscious Mind healing, your faith, and belief have the most important role in healing, because the Subconscious Mind is controlled by your faith, and belief. Whatever impression that you give from your Conscious Mind to Subconscious Mind, Subconscious Mind creates your reality. So for a healing journey, you would want to give your attention positivity instead of negativity, because your Subconscious Mind cannot select or determine what is good, or body. It controls every of your body functions, and your biological healing would come according to your belief, and faith.

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2- Conscious Actions

When it comes to healing, your current actions, and future actions are extremely important. Conscious Mind is your short term memory, so according to your Conscious Mind, you will be able to do action for short term. However Subconscious Mind is your long term memory, and Subconscious Mind, which controls your long term actions is determined only by your Conscious Mind’s actions. Because without Conscious Mind’s actions, there wouldn’t be Subconscious Mind’s actions or long term actions.

 So it is important to determine your actions for your healing because without proper Conscious actions, healing wouldn’t occur in the body.

Subconscious Mind actions are multiple times more powerful than Conscious actions, but Conscious actions dictate, and create Subconscious Mind actions. It is important to be always aware of your current actions, because your current actions are your Conscious actions.

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3- Constant Positive Emotions

Have you ever heard of the Placebo effect on healing ? Have you ever also heard of the Nocebo effect also during the expectation of the healing process ?

They are the main two factors of healing, because the Placebo effect is your healing effect, which comes from your Subconscious Mind. However, if the individual has the Nocebo effect, which is totally opposite of the Placebo effect, the Nocebo effect may worsen the current health problem or illness.

But the good news is the Placebo, and Nocebo effects are only created by yourself. And these effects come according to your emotions, and your beliefs.

If you believe the Placebo, you may experience the Placebo effect, but if you believe the Nocebo, you may also experience the Nocebo effect.

The important, and scientific reality behind Placebo, and Nocebo effects are the brain chemicals that your brain releases. If the Conscious Mind experiences and creates negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, worrying, jealousy, negative thoughts or opinions, hateful thoughts, any types of negative thoughts, the brain will release negative chemicals into the body, and that will definitely negatively impact your body. However, if the Conscious Mind creates positive thoughts such as strong belief, positive opinions, positive affirmations, and expectations, any kind of positive thoughts, the brain will definitely release positive chemicals that will impact the body extremely positively.

So emotions are critically important on our healing journey, because our current emotions, that are created by Conscious Mind, will impact Subconscious reality.

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4- Having Desire For Healing

Having strong desire is a key factor for healing, because the desire you have will eventually impress your Subconscious Mind. The healing desire will also impress your Infinite Intelligence, which is God’s Mind or God’s Power, so to be able to use both types of healing, having a strong desire for healing is a key factor.

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5- Changing Subconscious Reality

Subconscious Mind is the real healer of the body. The Subconscious Mind controls every function of the body, and controls healing power. To be able to heal your illness, you have to firstly change your Subconscious reality. And the Subconscious Mind is controlled only by your Conscious Mind. Whatever you impress from your Conscious Mind, it will be impressed into your Subconscious Mind.

When we look at your Subconscious reality, Conscious Mind is extremely important, because Conscious Mind controls, creates, and shapes your Subconscious reality.

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6- Constant Positive Affirmations

If we look and examine the Conscious Mind, and Subconscious Mind realities respectively, Conscious Mind dictates to the Subconscious Mind by only affirmations. If we affirm, repeat, and have positive affirmations, the Subconscious Mind will be created by positive affirmation. However, if we create negative affirmation, the opposite situation can happen as well. So our healing power, and for our health, especially our minds power, we have to always have, and affirm positive affirmations. We should totally eliminate negative affirmations in our lives that we have experienced from past to present time. Once we create our positive affirmations, our Subconscious Mind reality will change as well according to these positive affirmations.

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7- Conscious Mind Coaching

When you have a Conscious Mind Coach, you can totally create a new Subconscious Mind reality, and you can change your Subconscious Mind directly. Because the Subconscious Mind is controlled from your Conscious Mind, and Conscious Mind can basically begin to create anything new without any limitation.

Fatih Best Life Coaching teaches you how to use your Conscious Mind for your own good. With our Coaching Service, you can change your Conscious Mind, its reality, you can change your Subconscious Mind’s reality by your actions, and you can begin the healing process by your conscious actions.

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