How Can Reading Completely Change Your Brain System ? 11 Positive Impacts Of Reading

How can reading completely change your brain system ?

Reading books has a great impact on the development of readers. It has many benefits such as improving people’s thinking abilities, creativity, imagination, improving their vocabulary, and giving people various experiences and knowledge on different areas, and topics. There are a lot of benefits of reading books for our lifes.

A person who wants to have an opinion on any subject must first have “knowledge” on the spesific subject. Gaining knowledge on the spesific subject is possible by researching and reading the subject. Societies acquire 60% of their knowledge through books. The other part is learned through experience. In underdeveloped societies, it is usual to spend their time doing useless things instead of reading books.

Reading a book can change your life permanently. Once you read any book, and once you gain proper knowledge on any area, you are going to have the expertise on this area, and this can directly change your life.

If you look the society, most of people think that traditional school system is the only education the person gets in his/her life. However, that’s completely wrong. If you read any book, you are going to educate yourself, maybe much better on your school system. That is a priceless thing that anyone can have.

If you have regular reading habit during your life time period, there are some changes on your brain system if you compare your brain with a person’s brain who doesn’t read books.

Let’s have a loot these positive changes on human brain;

1- Reading A Book Strengthens Memory

In today’s society, children spend their most of time on laptops, phones, tablets, etc. These electrical tools not only disrupt the psychology of children but also affect their memory negatively on the long term. Instead, if children has a option of the habit of reading, positive results can be achieved both psychologically and mentally easily on children’s future. The imagination and memory of the child who reads a book strengthens, and it will extremely effect positively on children’s memory on the future.

But how about for adults ?

Don’t worry, it’s the same. Let’s assume that you haven’t had a reading habit since your childhood, how old you are, it doesn’t matter, you can still strengthens, and increase your memory easily by reading a book permanently as your habit.

2- Person Who Reads Can Understand New Informations Much Effectively Than The Person Who Doesn’t Read

People who have the regular habit of reading books usually have the ability to understand and process informations into brain easily, and effectively. The habit of reading books increases the thinking skills and the brain activities of the people. Just as a person who needs healthy food and drinks to maintain his body functions, human brain also needs to get new informations to maintain, and develop its functions.

As a result of this healthy information, the brain continues to develop its functions. In order for the brain to develop in a healthy way, it is necessary to read books to feed the brain. You feed your brain as much as you read, and consume new informations. And with this way, your brain functions get strengthened. As much as you develop your brain abilities, and its functions, you can understand, and process informations much quickly, and effectively.

3- Neurological Connections Into Human Brain Increases

Neuroscientists have made a research to test it out the Neurological Connections into human brain between the people who has regular reading habit, and the people who doesn’t have reading habits. After research, and brain scans, neuroscientists proved that the readers’ Neurological Connections into their brain have much better connections than the people who don’t have a reading habit. Neurological Connections and its functions are critical important for our brain health. By only reading book, we can keep our brain healthy, and we can strengthen its health on the long term.

4- Nerve System in the Brain

Reading a book activates the nervous systems in our brains, activates them, and strengthens them. Every information coming from external factors, that are books or reading materials cause a reaction in our brain and the formation of a new bond in nerve cells. That is extremely good fact for our brain health.

5- Brain Functions

According to the researches, the loss of brain functions because of old age is the least in people who read books frequently. That means that if you are old person, you can protect, and boost your brain health by reading book.

6- Discovering New People And Places

While reading a book, we meet many people and places into paragraphs. We learn a lot of new information, and discover new places into texts. In this way, the synapses in the brain are strengthened and especially the short-term memory is developed more.

7- Less Stress

All the people have been complaining of stress lately. Reading a book reduces stress by 68%. Reading can help you to manage your stress, and help you to decrese your stress level in your body.

8- Health Risks

Frequent reading of books by older people greatly reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s. People who read books are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s than other people. This is a serious rate for old people.

9-Life Skills

The habit of reading books increases people’s life skills, and people life quality. It is easier for people who encounter a problem and who have knowledge through reading books to produce solutions than people who do not read books. Readers have always creative ideas for the solution of their problems. It doesn’t matter the person IQ Level, reading increases your creativity.

10-Children Future

Children who have acquired reading habit at their extremely early stage of their life achieve more successful results and solve complex problems than other children. If you are parent, please be aware that if you get your child reading habit his/her early life stage, it can completely change child future easily.

11- Having Purposes In The Life

Everyone should have a purpose or goal in this life. If the person reads a book for this purpose, the possibility of achieving his goal increases even more. The way to reach goals is through reading books. Reading books always help you to get new solutions for your problems, and offers you high level of creativities for your work.