How Does Environment Effect Subconscious Mind ?

How does environment effect Subconscious Mind ? Our Subconscious Mind creates, and controls our own reality. But Subconscious Mind is created from our environment. And the environment we had in the past, and we have right now have been affecting our Subconscious Mind. All of our beliefs are created by ourselves, but whatever we have believed, all of the ideas we believe are given by our environment.

When we were born in this world, our Subconscious Mind was wide open, and our Conscious Mind began to exist after six years old. Between the time we born, and until six years old, Subconscious mind had been wide open, and every environmental beliefs that are given by our family members went to Subconscious Mind, and our Subconscious Mind has been programmed until we were 6 years old by the direction of our family members’ thoughts, and beliefs.

For example; if you had been always told that “ you are not good enough, you can’t achieve anything ! “ At these ages, you have been programmed with this negative mindset until you were six years old.

After six years old time, our Conscious thoughts began to shape, and control our Subconscious Mind. That’s our environment, because our environment creates the beliefs that we believe, and keep inside of our Subconscious Mind. And, according to these beliefs, either in a negative way, or positive way, we create our own reality.

There are 8 ways how the environment effects our Subconscious Mind.

8 Ways How The Environment Effect Subconscious Mind

1- Family Members

Our family members, that are our father, and our mother, have critical role on our Subconscious Mind, especially on our Subconscious beliefs, because when we born this world, our Subconscious Mind is wide open until six years old time, and we don’t have consciousness until six years old time, so we get all beliefs that whatever our family members give us. And we copy exactly their actions. So either in a positive, or negative way, we get influenced heavily from our family members, and our family members create our Subconscious beliefs in this way. After six years old, we began to create our own reality by this way, until at the end of our lives.

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We can create successful things or failures in our life, according to our Subconscious beliefs, because our Subconscious mind manages our body, and every action that we take. Because of that reason, our family members have a critical role in our creations in life, especially because they have the biggest environmental impact on our Subconscious Mind.

2- School Time

Most people begin to go to school after 6 years old or 7 years old, and our school time has a critical role in our minds, especially in our Subconscious Mind. During primary school time, high school time, or college or university time, our teachers, and our classmates are our environment. If we are given positive feedback, or beliefs, we keep these beliefs on our Subconscious Mind. However, if we are given negative thoughts, feedbacks, and beliefs, we keep these negativities in our Subconscious Mind, and they will definitely affect our future actions.

After 6 years old, our Consciousness begins to occur, and we would refuse to believe any ideas that are given to us from our environment after six years old time, but if you believe the ideas that you are given, these ideas will determine and effect your future according to their directions.

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3- Childhood Friends

Our childhood friends have an important role, and effect on our Subconscious beliefs, because when we were little child, we would accept any thoughts, beliefs easily, and much emotionally if these thoughts, beliefs came from our friends. So either in a negative way, or positive way, your childhood friends have a significant impact on your Subconscious Mind.

When we were younger, we had a much higher tendency to make mistakes in our lives, and we would make a lot of mistakes. The good news is that we can always change our Subconscious beliefs by our actions, life choices, etc.

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4- Adulthood Friends

Our adulthood friends also have an effect on our Subconscious beliefs. We can have either positive or negative friendships, it doesn’t matter, we will always be given ideas,beliefs, and thoughts from people. We have always chosen to refuse to believe these ideas, and beliefs, but once we accept the ideas, and beliefs mentally, they will be programmed within our Subconscious Mind.

We can always change these thoughts in the later stages of our life, but it is always important to consume, and believe positive thoughts in the first place.

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5- Daily Content We Consume

We may not be aware of this situation, but we consume a lot of content every day of our lives. We consume a lot of information on social media, the internet, newspapers, blogs, books, news, or someone’s opinions. They are critically important, because they shape our Subconscious beliefs easily, especially if we are emotionally involved with the content that we consume.

We have our Consciousness, that means that we can always choose the type of these contents. We can consume either positive or negative content, and we can accept or reject any content that we consume. It is totally up to our preference.

It is extremely important to pay attention to every content you consume, because these contents will have an impact on your Subconscious Mind.

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6- Relationship & Marriage

Relationship or marriage has significant impact, effect on our Subconscious Mind, because once we have emotional relationship with someone in our life, the person’s opinions will definitely affect us either positive way or negative way, because we would accept much easier our partner’s opinions because of emotional involvement.

If we have a toxic or negative relationship or marriage, our partner will affect our Subconscious Mind in a definitely negative way. But the opposite situation can also happen according to our partner.

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7- Society Beliefs

It doesn’t matter, wherever you live in the world, the society you live in has always some beliefs, especially the opinions that how your life should be formed with the specific direction. From your all life time period, you could have been affected by these beliefs or if you recognize the impacts of these beliefs into your Subconscious Mind, you could have kept these beliefs until a specific time period in your life.

For example; if the society you live in believes that “ you should go to school, get a good grade, and have a safe job “ , you will probably chase a secure job in your career. That’s not your fault, that’s society’s fault, because they have affected you with wrong beliefs, especially your Subconscious Mind.

Unfortunately, traditional society beliefs have affected millions of people’s lives, especially people’s Subconscious Minds in an extremely negative way. So it is always important to know how to control your Minds, especially your Subconscious Mind.

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8- Imagination

Our lifetime imagination also has an important effect on our Subconscious Mind, because we may not be aware of it, but during our lifetime, we always use our imagination. We always create imagination according to any situation we face.

So according to the imagination we create in our lifetime, we shape our Subconscious Mind by our own beliefs.

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