How Does Speed Reading Effect Reading Comprehension ?

Most readers are skeptical about reading comprehension when it comes to increase reading comprehension.

Reading speed can be increased with extremely basic techniques and steps, but when it comes to reading comprehension, everything on reading changes.

Most readers may ask this question:

Does speed reading increase or decrease reading comprehension ? Or have you ever wondered that how does speed reading effect reading comprehension ?

Before going further, as a Speed Reading Coach,I can answer this question that, you can either increase or decrease your reading comprehension by your actions.

If you apply all speed reading techniques for your reading, you can easily increase your reading speed. And if you know and are aware of the fact that you can increase your reading comprehension in the long term, you can increase your reading comprehension in the long term easily.

But if you expect to increase your reading comprehension in an extremely short time period, you may fail it.

For example; let’s assume that you read 250 words per minute. And with basic speed reading techniques, you increase your reading speed to 750 words per minute range. Well, it may look that everything is good, right ?

You have to be aware that if you want to increase your reading speed, it will take time to increase reading comprehension properly for the long term.

Most readers don’t have enough knowledge on speed reading, because of that reason most readers may think that they can increase their reading comprehension overnight. That’s totally wrong !

You can only increase your reading comprehension in the long term, because you have adapted on reading at a low reading speed all your life. Your brain cannot adapt to handle triple speed amounts of words overnight.

Speed reading is not an overnight success ! Speed reading techniques are extremely easy to learn and adopt in your reading life, but once you apply them to your reading, reading comprehension can only be increased in the long term.

Most readers also make the mistake that, after a few attempts with speed reading techniques, they failed on speed reading, especially on reading comprehension.

It is always important to remember that you don’t fail on speed reading.

You just think that you failed, but you don’t have enough knowledge about speed reading.

In reality, speed reading techniques increase reading comprehension. Once you properly learn, and adopt speed reading techniques, speed reading skills only increase your reading comprehension, and transform you as a better reader.

Human brain is designed to handle between 600 words and 1000 words per minute, but an educated brain can also handle more than 1000 words per minute.

If you think that you can increase your reading speed in the short term, you can easily increase your reading speed. However, it is likely that you will fail on reading comprehension.

It takes time to increase reading comprehension properly.

You will probably ask the reason, why, why does it take time ?

Since your primary school time, you have adopted to read with traditional school system reading technique.

That is not an ideal reading technique, because once you try to increase your reading speed, there is a problem about reading comprehension.

Your brain has adopted a low reading speed range since your speed reading attempts.

To educate your brain properly for speed reading, you have to practice every day, every week. Because of that reason, increasing reading comprehension takes time. It is not hard to do it.

Actually, increasing reading comprehension is easier than you think, but it takes long term effort like fitness.

When you try to strengthen your muscles by fitness, you know the fact that you cannot do it overnight. Increasing reading comprehension is exactly the same. You cannot increase your reading comprehension by overnight attempts. It will take quiet time, effort, and disciplined practice, but once you do it, you will recognize that increasing reading comprehension is an easy action.

There are also multiple factors on speed reading to increase reading comprehension.

For example; while reading, you have to do a lot of actions. You have to always use a visual placer while reading because it is essential to support your eye movements while reading.

Otherwise, your eyes will waste a lot of movement while reading. It is a big problem among readers, because most readers waste their eye movements while reading something.

Once they waste a lot of eye movements while reading, it will cause them to waste a huge amount of time on the reading process. This situation will also decrease reading comprehension, and will affect reading comprehension negatively in the long term.

Subvocalization is also the main problem for reading comprehension. Every reader in the world has learned reading in the traditional school system, and they applied to do subvocalization during the reading process.

Well, once you do subvocalization (repeating on your inside, little voice between your mouth and brain) will cause you serious problems, because subvocalization always keeps you on slow reading range.

When you repeat what you read on your inside, you just waste time, because there are no scientific benefits on doing subvocalization while reading.

In reality, you have to totally eliminate subvocalization permanently in your life, because once you eliminate subvocalization permanently, you will recognize that you read on a totally different reading range.

And then, once you eliminate Subvocalization in your reading life, you will increase either your reading speed and your reading comprehension.

Most readers think that eliminating Subvocalization is not easy, but in reality, eliminating subvocalization is extremely easy thing to do.

You can check our 21 Day Speed Reading Course. In our course, we teach you how to eliminate Subvocalization easily in your reading life.

In conclusion, proper speed reading techniques only increase your reading comprehension in reality. It is a big misconception that reading comprehension can be increased easily or can be increased overnight, but the real truth is you should always think of reading comprehension as a fitness. It takes time and effort for the long term, but once you increase your reading comprehension, your reading life will completely be changed.