How Does Subconscious Mind Create Reality ?

How does Subconscious Mind create reality ? Subconscious Mind creates, and controls our own reality. All of our life is created according to our Subconscious Mind. Whatever the Subconscious Mind has inside of it as a paradigm or programmed area, this paradigm or programmed area will become our own reality. So our future is inside of our own Subconscious Mind. But how does it happen ?

It all begins within our Conscious Mind. Every thought, belief that we have is created within our Conscious Mind, within our awareness.

For example; when you try to do something new, it will come to mind and the body as a new experience. Our minds don’t like new experiences, because it becomes uncomfortable for our life. But if the mind, especially the Conscious Mind believes, and accepts the idea mentally, the Subconscious Mind will eventually accept the idea as well, because it only accepts whatever the Conscious Mind believes, and impresses.

Our Conscious Mind can accept or reject any idea, and our Conscious Mind firstly decides what you are going to believe as mentally. Because of those reasons, our Conscious Mind can protect our Subconscious Mind from any negative or destructive ideas. If the Conscious Mind didn’t exist, the Subconscious Mind wouldn’t have protected itself by its own. Because it is a subjective mind, it cannot make any selection.

Once the idea is accepted as reality, in the long term, we believe this idea Subconsciously. This idea is not in our Conscious Mind right now, it is in the programmed area, or paradigm, that controls our body. The Subconscious mind controls %95 of brain ability, that means that the Subconscious Mind is far more powerful than Conscious Mind, it will control us no matter what we think into Our Conscious Mind.

And these powerful events will eventually become our own reality. In the long term, we will accept this specific idea, and our behavior and actions will be in the direction of this idea.

For example; you have a desire to do something new in your life. It can be a career decision. You can have the thoughts, and beliefs that you are going to become successful, and you can believe these ideas mentally. What happens then ? Once you accept the success idea, and belief from your Conscious Mind, Conscious Mind will directly impress the Subconscious Mind as that you are going to become successful.

The Subconscious Mind cannot reject anything. It only accepts whatever it is given. Subconscious Mind will create long term memory and actions according to this success, and Subconscious Mind will have new actions into the body. It can be new actions, or new beliefs according to success ideas, and long term habits will be in this direction.

Subconscious Mind will eventually bring success in this direction, because at the first hand, Subconscious Mind is convinced to become successful from Conscious Mind.  Even though you may not have the specific knowledge or skill that you need for your success, it doesn’t matter, once Subconscious Mind accepts the idea, it will bring the idea as your reality, and you are going to become successful according to Subconscious Mind directions.

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You can think of the Subconscious Mind as tape. Once you put the tape in the tape player, the recordings in the tape will be played, because there is recorded information in the tape. Subconscious Mind is exactly like this, it will play the tape playing records in the mind. Your programmed area, or paradigm is tape playing, and these paradigms or programmed areas will create your own reality as tape and tape player. What happens then when you create a negative recording or negative idea ?

For example, imagine that instead of being successful, when you begin to try new career decision, if you pay attention on failure from your Conscious Mind, and if you keep focusing on being failure over and over again, the subconscious mind cannot reject the idea of failing, because it is designed to be programmed at this way. It will still accept whatever the idea is given.

At this time, even though you may have all the skills, and knowledge on being successful in this area, because of your own thoughts, you are going to eventually fail, and probably quit.

That’s only because of your own Subconscious Mind, because you dictated a failing idea in the first place, and the idea cannot be rejected from your Subconscious Mind. Subconscious Mind will bring failure into your own reality as a tape. The problem at this time is your programmed area, or paradigm within your Subconscious Mind, because you have programmed with failure by only your own thinking.

Every failure, or success comes this way. By firstly only belief, and thoughts within Conscious Mind, and Conscious Mind believe these thoughts as mentally true, and they will eventually become your new belief, and your new reality.

Whatever we want in this life, whether it can be healing from health problems or deadly illness, or succeeding in something new that we want in our life, we have to always accept the idea, or reality we want mentally into our Conscious Mind. Because we are full controllers of our own Conscious Mind, and our Subconscious mind is only controlled by our Conscious thoughts, and beliefs.

If we want to create anything in our life, such as relationships, successful careers, etc. we have to accept the idea consciously. Our Subconscious mind will eventually find a way to bring new situations into our reality. Without accepting the idea into our Conscious Mind, we cannot create the thing we want in our life.

We have to also never put our attention or focus the opposite way of our desire. For example; if we want success in our life, we have to never think, and focus on failure. If we keep our attention, and focus on failure, our Subconscious Mind can still accept this situation.

Whatever we focus on, and put our attention on, it will become our own reality. With this way, we create our own reality, and we create our Subconscious Mind, the paradigms or programmed areas within our Subconscious Mind. That is how the Subconscious Mind creates our own reality.