How Google Works


I am big fun of the Google founders, Google, and Youtube, and this book is also one of my favourite book that I read and keep my book self. If you are on this website, I assume that you know the Google. 

The reason I love Google and its founders is because they didn’t only create a search engine, or internet structure, rather than what they did is that they innovated all internet, and today’s internet information with good shape. For example; today thanks to one of the Google Co-founder’s future vision, youtube can teach you and help you to gain any expertise easily, by only watching videos. 


From the book, you learn that the core values of Google, the culture of the company, and good management skills. Thanks to Eric Schmidt leadership, and vision, you can learn a lot of management lessons from this book. But rather management skills, this book teaches you creating real innovasion. But two of the Google founder gave me extremely valuable lessons from this book.


One of the Google founder had one simple dream about the today internet structure. In his dream, he saw that how he was going to shape today’s internet structure, and how he can structure all informations on the internet, and he actually did it. Thanks to his dream, we can use Google and its services on today. But rather than his dream, I was much more interested the reason that why he had this dream. That is because of The Subconscious Mind and The Infinite Intelligence which is God or Universal Mind. Every person has Subconscious Mind and Infinite Intelligence, and the reason why any human can have a dream during sleep because of The Subconscious Mind. Before his sleep at the dream night, the Google cofounder used his Subconscious Mind and Infinite Intelligence unconsciously. 


All of our problems’ answers stay in our Subconscious Mind, and Infinite Intelligence works with Subconscious Mind, inside of Subconscious Mind. Infinite Intelligence is a God or Universal Mind, and it gives problem’s answer to our Subconscious Mind. That is the reason why one of the google founder had this strange dream. Because he wanted to solve the problem, and his desire showed the solution of the problem into dream.


That was a big lesson for me, because when I move to USA in the future, my personal first goal is that to cure Parkinson Disease, and I was searching Parkinson’s Cure, and the ways to cure Parkinson Disease so that I can protect other Google founder from Parkinson, and I can heal her mother Parkinson illness but when I read this book, and learned this dream, I realized and learned how to use Infinite Intelligence, and how to shape my dreams. Especially, how to use my Subconscious Mind before going sleep. Thanks to one of the Google founder’s dream, I also learned how to cure Parkinson Disease by using my Subconscious Mind and Infinite Intelligence. I also began to benefit from my Subconscious Mind, and Infinite Intelligence for my personal problems thanks to this dream. 


The other Google founder also teaches you how to hire someone with best way. His hiring techniques are really good way to choose someone who likes self-education and learning for his/her life time period. I also realized the importance of self-learning, and self-education during life time period. The other Google founder likes to learn new information quickly, and with unique way, so I can teach one interesting lesson and knowledge from here. Subconscious Mind is the healer of the body, Subconscious Mind can basically heal any of illnesses including deadly ones, including Parkinson Disease and I am going to cure Parkinson Disease by the day I move to USA. I don’t know when will I move to USA in the future, but I can assure that Parkinson will be cured before end of 2023.


Note: Parkinson can be treatable by using person’s Subconscious Mind, that’s because the Subconscious Mind is the healer of the body.


I strongly recommend this book to every reader who likes the innovation, and learn management skills. This book teaches you good management skills, and creation of innovation.