How To Control Conscious Mind ?

How to control Conscious Mind ? Conscious Mind is your short term mind. Conscious Mind is your current awareness. Whatever you think at your current time, or which thought you create at the current time on your mind, that is your Conscious Mind, or Consciousness.

Even though most of people aren’t aware this situation, but they are totally at the driver seat of their conscious mind, or their consciousness. People create the thoughts that they pay attention at their present time. You are the same as well. You create the thoughts that you pay attention at your current present time. Whatever you pay attention, and focus, that is the creation of Conscious thoughts.

For example; you watch the news on TV, and suddenly reporter began to mention about negativities on economy. The reporter has done a lot of comments to economy, and admitted every negative aspect of current economical problems.

There are two options in this case. You can begin to create positive thoughts, but you can also create negative thoughts. From this scenario, in front of the negativity, most of people people will likely to think with negative way, and they will create also negative thoughts about economy.

But even though people listened negative things about economy, they can create what kind of thoughts they want. They can create the positive thoughts they want on this example as well.

Most people reaction can be negative, and they can refuse to create positive thoughts in front of negativity, but the reality is that Conscious Mind can create endless positivity under what circumstances in, it doesn’t matter. Conscious Mind doesn’t have any limitation, it has endless infinite power resource, that can create any impossible situation.

Society or people may think impossible to create any creative things or positive things in front of negativity, but most people don’t realize that they are the power of their consciousness. Whatever you pay attention, and give your focus, you create the thoughts according to your attention, and desire. This creation and be positive, but it can either also negative.

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Conscious Mind doesn’t have any limitation on creating this positive thoughts, or things, but Conscious Mind doesn’t have also limitation on creating the negative ones.

For example; imagine about your thoughts, and opinions. These thoughts, and opinions can be positive negative. But the creation always come from you. You control the creation, and you create the thoughts according to your attention, and focus. Wherever your attention, and focus go on, the thought that you create can go on this direction as well.

People who create negative situation in their life mostly focus negative things, or negativity.

For example; when you face any fearful situation, you can create these fearful thoughts over and over again without any limitation. Or you can create negative thoughts about someone or jealousy without any illogical reason.

Conscious Mind doesn’t have any limitation on creating these negative or positive thoughts. The only truth about creating these thoughts are yourself. You are the creator no matter what happens. Conscious Mind can create infinite power of positive things in your life, but it can also either create negative ones as well according your decision. The only control, and responsible factor on this process is you. You are the creator of the thoughts that you imagine. It all begins within you.

What Is The Key To Control Current Consciousness ?

Whatever you pay attention, and focus at the present moment is the key factor to control your current consciousness.

For example; when you have negative thoughts in your mind, instead on focusing, and paying attention on negative situation, you can always focus the other side of the current negativity that you think. You can create instantly positive thoughts, and these positive thoughts can create your own reality.

You may ask this question that:

Well, how to control them when you think negative thoughts ?

Firstly, you have to take responsibility of the thought that you create at that time. If you create negative thoughts, take responsibility is the key factor changing these thoughts instantly.

After that just move your focus and attention the positive side of the same thoughts.

You can struggle to do it in your first attempts, because of focusing too much negativity, but when you shape your attention, and focus the direction you want, your thoughts can change also instantly. Think this way, if your mind can create negative or unwanted thoughts on your consciousness, the same mind can do the opposite one. The same mind can also create much more positivity according your attention.

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Every thoughts begin with current awareness, and your focus. You can always face any negativity or negative situation in your life, but cannot determine what you are going to think. You cannot control what is going to happen to you in your life, but you can always control the thoughts that you create, and you can always create your own reaction the things that happen to you.

Always be aware the fact that you are in the driver seat of your Conscious Mind.