How To Have Regular Reading Habit ?

How to have regular reading habit ?

Building a proper reading habit can be challenging for most of people, even though they may like reading or they just desire to have reading habit. Well, in reality it is not hard as much as you think. Most of readers in the world would probably ask this question to themselves that how they can build a reading habit ? With some easy techniques, you can basically build a permanent and regular reading habit extremely easily.

Even though it may be challenging from the beginning, it would be extremely easy in the long run. Not every reader in the world are successful, but if we examine the most successful people in the world, we can recognize one common situation that all of the successful people are readers.

I want to have reading habit, but I don’t know how to have it !

I want to read something, but I don’t have time !

I hate reading, but I want to like reading !

I want to finish a book, but I cannot !

Are these complaints familiar to you ? I think yes, because as Speed Reading Coach, I faced a lot of these kinds of complaints about reading. Well, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Let’s begin to examine how to build proper and regular reading habit for long term ?

1- Beginning to Read Short Books

It is critical important to begin to read thin or short amount of pages books. In the long term, you can always change the amount of book pages that you read, but most of the new or unexperienced readers make this mistake. They begin to read with big amount of book pages, like maybe the book that has 350 pages or 400 pages. It is good to keep in mind that if you begin to read the books that has small amount of pages, it is likely that you are going to adopt the reading on the long term much easy.

If you begin to try to do the hard thing, which is trying to finish high amount of book pages, there will be high chance that you are going to fail.

2- Never Give Up On Reading

Most of the unexperienced readers may think that they are not good at reading and they waste time. And these groups of readers may give up on reading easily by false beliefs, which are superstitions. These kinds of beliefs are not true in reality. Even though all readers love reading, false beliefs may shape their actions. Reading is one of the best habit that you can have on your life. No matter what happens, you are going to improve your reading ability, please don’t give up on reading. If you try to read something, that means that at least you tried to do it. No matter what happens, you are going to improve your reading ability.

Keep going !

3- Making Excuses

I don’t have time to read ! I have kids in my home, there is no time for reading ! I want to read something everyday, but I cannot finish books, what is going to happen ?

As Speed Reading Coach, I have heard hundreds of times these kinds of complaints from my previous clients and even among from my friends. Please never forget that every people in the world are busy during the day for themselves. You may think that you don’t have time for reading, but in reality, there is always time ! Please don’t make excuses or complaints about time or reading, because if you truly love reading, no matter what happens during the day, you are going to create your time for reading.

Everything begins on your mind, if you think that there is no time for reading and you are busy, that can be true. But if you think that whether you are busy or not, but there is always time for reading, that is also true. You create your own reality as reader. Please choose to create purposes for reading and focus on the benefits of reading. That will help you to create time or find a gap for reading.

4- Choose A Book Depends On Which Are You Are Interested In

It is common mistake among all readers that every reader in the world have done this mistake one time or multiple time. Please choose the book which is that you are interested in. For example, if you don’t like history topic and if you try to read a historical book which is 500 pages, you will definitely close the book so early and you are going to complain about either the book or reading ! In this state, which one is wrong ? You decision or reading a book or the history book you try to read ?

It is extremely important that to read the area that you are interested to read. During my childhood time, I had made this mistake also a lot of time. Always seek the books that has the topic or area you are interested in. Please don’t try to read the topic that you don’t like. Because if you try to do it, you are going to think that you dislike reading.

However, if you choose a book for reading that the area you are interested in, you are going to interest reading with much better. The specific reading area or topic will make you to love reading more.

5- Make Reading List

Making reading list will increase your interest on reading. When you make a list the books that you are going to read, you do disciplined plan on reading. This disciplined plan will increase your interest on reading more. And because of the only basic reading list, there will be high chance that you are going to do same actions on the long term. That is exactly what we want for building regular reading habit. Because with the just basic list, you will build your reading habit by yourself easily.

6- Determine Your Reading Place

Most of readers read their book in their homes. It is important to determine specific reading place for only reading activity, because every time you see your reading area, you are going to think your reading habit and this will help to maintain your reading habit for the long term easily. Sometimes you can make changes on your reading place such as you may go to the coffee shop and you can read your book in there. If you generally read on one specific area such as home, it is good to have regular reading area.

7- Read Something Everyday And Plan Your Reading Pages Before Beginning Reading

It is vital to read something everyday for permanent reading habit. Why ? Well, if you read something on everyday, even though it is small amount of pages, reading everyday will create a regular reading habit for yourself easily. Please be aware that even though you read 10 pages, like small amount of pages per day, it is better than not reading everyday or not reading something. It it really good to read on everyday for long term habit.

Before beginning to read, please determine that how many pages you are going to read.If you don’t determine the number of pages that you read, you may get tired while reading or you may get bored while reading. There can also be another unexpected situation while reading. That’s not what we want. It is good to plan the number of pages before beginning to read something.

8- Don’t Make Reading to Only Finish The Book If You Don’t Like The Book That You Picked

This situation may sometimes happen while reading and we may think that we have to finish the book we began to read.

That is not true ! You don’t have to finish the entire book if you didn’t like the book at the beginning. Why ? Because even though you may not like the book that you began to read, if you force yourself to finish all the book to not waste time or maybe your money, you are going to not satisfy when you finish the book. And this dissatisfaction will cause you the idea of disliking reading.

For permanent and regular reading habit, we have to enjoy the book from maximum efficiency while reading and this positive reading time period will help us to build reading habit.

9- Determine The Specific Time Period That You Read

Every people are busy during the day time for themselves and during the busy schedule, it is important to determine specific reading time period. When you determine the time period, you reading habit will be a disciplined habit because you follow your time plan.

10- It Is Good to Have A Person That You Can Discuss What You Read

To build proper reading habit, having a reading partner is one of the best things that you can have for reading life. When you finish to read something, if there is someone whom that you can discuss, you are going to re-live the entire book and this will create good reading attractions. The reading partner can be your friend, partner husband-wife or even the reading partner can be a stranger that you meet on the library. It doesn’t matter, when you finish to read something, it is good to have a person that you can talk about book.

Once you do this situation one time, you are going to want to do again for the long term. And there will be a regular reading habit on the long term according to your reading actions.

11- Having Membership On Reading Clup or Library

It is good to have membership on anywhere for reading purposes. For example, you can go to the Public Library and you can read a book on the different platform for different people. From the atmosphere that people read something, you will interest reading much more, because of other people. And this psychology will help you to increase your reading desire.

12- Always Carry A Book Within Your Bag Or With Yourself During The Day

During the day, we can sometimes have free or wasting time unexpectedly. For example; let’s assume that you are on the bus and you travel to the destination that you go. During these times, it is good to keep a book on next to you to not waste your time. Because even though we may not recognize the time periods during the day, but there are a lot of times that we have that we do nothing or just wasting time. If you evaluate these free times by reading a book, these unexpected times will help you to gain reading habit.

There are a lot of ways to build regular reading habit. Even though we may think that building reading habit is not easy, it is not hard and it is easy in reality. These 12 ways will help you to build proper reading habit on the long term. Please don’t forget that everything begins on your mind. Building reading habit is one of the best habit that you can have for yourself.