How To Read A Free Book ? 6 Ways To Read Free Books

Every reader in the world would probably ask this question to themselves that how to read a free book or how to find a free book to read.

Most readers may think that there are not enough free books to read, or most of the free books aren’t good to read, or there are no free books anywhere.

In reality, these superstitious beliefs are totally wrong. For example; I can give as an example myself. I am from Turkey and I have grown up in Turkey most of my life. I have lived in a lot of countries, but my childhood was spent in Turkey. Since my childhood, I have grown up watching American TV Series and Movies. Furthermore; since my childhood, I have read thousands of English books freely. Most of the books I read were e-books, and %99 of them were free. Yes, I have read them from public websites.

I have lived in Ireland for two and half years. I have lived in three different Irish cities. When I was living in Ireland, I read thousands of free physical books in a free way, from public libraries.

I have lived in Madrid, Spain as well. When I was living in Spain, I read a lot of books with free way, Spanish, and English books.

I generally read English books, but sometimes I may read Turkish Language books as well, if I like the author, or if I know the author very well.

I am going to share with you how I have read thousands of books in a free way since my childhood. I have also bought some books as well. My biggest expense was buying books since my childhood, but over %99 books I read were free.

Let’s have a look at 6 ways to read a free book.

1- Local Libraries

Depending on where you live, or wherever you are from around the world, there must be local libraries in your city or area. You can Google these places to learn where these places are if you don’t know your city.

From some countries, there are local libraries, and from these local libraries, you can borrow books to read. When you finish reading these books, you can bring them back. And, these local libraries don’t charge money. For example; I am from Turkey, and there are a lot of local libraries around in Turkey,where you can borrow books to read.

I always read English language books, but I have also borrowed some Turkish books from local libraries. When I was living in Ireland, I borrowed hundreds of books from local libraries. I am a Speed Reader, so I was always reading them at high speed, and was bringing them back quickly.

Like in Ireland, or in Turkey, from most of the countries, you can borrow books from local libraries, and once you read them, you can bring them back into these libraries.

2- Borrowed Books

If you are a student, it doesn’t matter whether in college or in high school, or in university, you can borrow books from your local libraries. Most of the schools in the world have libraries, so you can benefit from these libraries. I remember that, when I was in primary school, I was benefiting from my school libraries.

You can also borrow books from your friends, or family members. For example; if any of your family members read books, you can ask them to borrow the book. Same thing applies with your friends. I have had a lot of friends, when I was living in Spain, and Ireland, and Spanish and Irish people were extremely friendly.

I have had a lot of good friends in Spain, and in Ireland, and I have borrowed a lot of books from my friends to read.

Depending on your country, and city, there can be some book stores as well where they rent or borrow books for free.

There are some local city bookstores that I have benefited from borrowing some books for free. Depending on your country, and city, there can be these kinds of places or not. You can search on Google if these kinds of places exist in your city.

3- School Libraries

School Libraries are the best resources that can benefit free books. In my primary school time, high school time, and university times, I have benefited from hundreds of books with a free way into my school libraries.

It doesn’t matter if you are a high school student or college student, you can benefit from your school libraries. If you are a teacher, you can also benefit from these free books from your local bookstores.

4- E-books on the Internet

There are a lot of websites where you can download or borrow an ebook, but you can find most of the books for free on the internet. Some websites also sell e-books as well. There are a lot of web pages that you can benefit from. On our 21 Day Speed Reading Course, we also show and teach you where these free ebooks websites are, and how you can benefit from them in a free way. Please check out our 21 Days Speed Reading Course if you want to learn how to read over 50 millions of books in a free way.

5- Google Books

Google Books has been one of my favorite resources since my childhood. Google Books has a lot of free resources and books. Since my childhood, I have benefited from a lot of books on Google, and thanks to Google, I have improved my English as well.

I have lived in Ireland to improve my English for two and half years, but my first choice was the USA to improve my English language after my graduation. The reason why I chose Ireland to improve my English instead of the USA was my financial status. My family couldn’t have afforded language school in the USA. But thanks to Google, and Youtube resources, I have read thousands of books, and I improved my English.

6- Audiobooks on Youtube or Websites

If you like to listen to audio books, there are a lot of resources on the internet that are free. There are a lot of audiobooks on Youtube. There are also some specific Youtube channels that share Audiobooks. And there are also a lot of Websites that have free public audiobooks to listen to.

On our 21 Days Speed Reading Course, we also teach how you can listen to over millions of audiobooks in a free way. You can check out our 21 Days Speed Reading Course.

There are a lot of ways to read free books on the internet or other resources. You can basically benefit thousands of resources in different ways. Please check out every source that you see on here. Because there are a lot of ways to read books.