How To Read E-mail Fast On A Laptop ? 10 Ways To Read E-mail Fast On Laptop

During our working day, or working hours, we always want to create extra time periods for ourselves. We would want to finish our daily work fast, and effectively. We want to read our e-mails with fast way to have high working effectiveness.

Have you ever asked yourself this question that how to read e-mail fast on a laptop ?

We have 10 ways to read e-mail fast on laptop on this post.

Whether you read your e-mails on a laptop, or computer, it doesn’t matter, there are some ways to increase your reading speed when you read your e-mails.

Let’s examine the effective ways to be able to read e-mails fast, and quickly;

1- Using External Mouse

Your laptop external mouse is extremely important to read e-mail fast. To increase your reading speed, you have to always use visual placer while reading, it is an essential part of speed reading. When you read your e-mails on your laptop, you still have to use a visual placer to support your eye movements. With an external mouse, you can support your eye movements extremely effectively to read faster on a laptop.

If you don’t support your eyes movements while reading on a laptop, you will waste your eye movements, and you will tire your eyes without logical reason. It is extremely important to support your eyes movements on your laptop.

Keep in mind that you can always use your mouse in advance as a visual placer. Because when you use your mouse as a visual placer while reading on a laptop, I can guarantee that you are going to save countless of your time, and you are going to engage with your work much better.

If you want to learn how to use the external mouse as a visual placer, you can check out our Speed Reading Course. On our 21 Days Speed Reading Programme, we teach how you can use your computer mouse in an effective way to increase your reading speed for e-mails, or work related documents.

how to read e-mail fast on a laptop

2- Having Comfortable Chair

In your workspace, you should have a comfortable chair to improve your productivity in your workplace. When you have a comfortable chair, it is unlikely that you are going to have back pain when you sit on your chair. And you won’t have an uncomfortable feeling in your workspace.

You can also support your back with a pillow when you sit on your work chair, and thanks to pillow comfort, you can lie back down on your chair if you feel tired.

Don’t underestimate having a comfortable chair for your work, because it directly affects your work performance either positively or negatively. It can increase or also can decrease your work productivity. Once your work productivity gets affected, your reading ability will get affected as well. When you have a comfortable chair, you can read e-mails faster than before.

3- Having a Positive Mindset


We all need to have a positive mindset. But what happens when we have a positive mindset ? How can having a positive mindset effect our reading ability ?

Having Positive Mindset or having Negative Mindset directly effect our reading ability either positively or negatively.

Every people need to have a positive mindset, but if you read your e-mail for workplaces or whatever reason, you have to always have a positive mindset. You have to always think positive. You have to think how you want your life. When you think of positivity or when you focus on positivity, your brain will focus on positive things, and you are going to code your Subconscious Mind with positivity. It is important to feed your Subconscious Mind with positive thoughts, because everything you have comes from your thoughts. If you think of negativity, negativity will follow you. If you think positively, positivity will follow you according to your thoughts.

Please be aware that you are the creator of your thoughts. If you have something negative on your mind, or destructive thoughts, you can always change your thoughts with positive thoughts. You are the creator of your thoughts.

When you have a positive mindset, you won’t have stress on your life, or any stressful situation won’t be able to affect you. Having a positive mindset, and not having stress are critically important to be able to read your e-mails faster.

4- Sitting Upright Position

Your sitting position is also one of the impacts for your reading life. When you sit upright on your chair, you are going to be able to have a much more comfortable position for reading. It is important, because it determines how you can use your peripheral vision. When you read something, you want to use your peripheral vision with the highest efficiency. You want to be able to use the maximum peripheral vision level, and high level peripheral vision will contribute to your reading life positively.

Keep in mind that your sitting position will determine your reading speed.

5- Not Having Distractions On The Working Place or On The Table

It is important to have clear working space on your desk. For example; if you have a lot of materials which are non-related to your work, these materials will distract you while you are reading your e-mails. To be able to not get distracted while reading your e-mails, it is important to not have a lot of materials on the desk, and you have to do regular cleaning always.

Not having any drinking material is also one factor that can determine your reading speed, and productivity. For example; if you drink coffee or tea during your work time, you can always choose your break times for drinking or you can drink your coffee or tea outside of your work desk. When you read your e-mail, you want to focus your e-mail fully, but when you have a drink on your hand, it will be quite hard to focus e-mail.

It is also important to work in quiet places, because when there is noise in your workplace, it will affect you negatively. You can use some protections, like headphones, but you can still get affected because of these distractions.

6- Not Surfing On The Internet

When any person reads his/her e-mail on desk, it is likely that the person also may visit other websites or may surf on the internet. You should never look at other websites while you are reading your e-mails. It distracts you, and it causes you to have a low level of focus & attention ability.

Some people may try to cope with multiple works at the same time. It is important to not deal with other works on other web pages when you read your e-mails. Be aware that your brain can handle one work at the same time. Your brain cannot focus fully on two or more different tasks at the same time. If you try to do it, you will only waste time, and you won’t have high efficiency.

Sometimes, we may check out social media profiles during the day. Please don’t check your social media profiles when you read your e-mail or when you read anything. Because if you do that, your brain will adopt to doing the same thing over and over again, and it will affect your reading skill negatively.

To be able to read your e-mail with highest efficiency, try to focus only on your e-mail when you read any of it. Don’t surf the internet or don’t visit other webpages.

7- Not Having Notification Distraction

When you do anything on the computer or laptop, there can be a notification on the screen one time or multiple times. It is important to turn off your unnecessary notifications on your laptop or computer before beginning reading. Don’t focus on any of your notifications when you see them on the screen. 

You can also turn off your notification voice on your laptop so that you don’t get distracted in case of any notifications or voices.

Don’t click any of your notifications or an unexpected pop-up square on the screen when you read your e-mails. Because if you do that, you will get distracted, and you will probably begin to re-read the entire e-mail or your working tasks.

8- Turning Off Phone or Putting Away Your Phone

Your phone can be your biggest enemy if you read something on the computer.  Most of people get distracted easily, because of their phones while they read their e-mails, because you can take on your phone for any purpose; 

You may get unexpected message,

You may get phone call,

You may get notification,

You may wonder what is going on on your social media profile.

In reality, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of reasons why you can pick up your phone during working hours.

Please protect yourself from phone distractions when you read your e-mail.

To be able to protect yourself from your phone, you can apply following suggestions to your life:

  • You can turn off your phone during your working hours, or you can take your phone on flight mode.
  • You can turn off your Wifi or Internet on your phone. With this way, you can protect yourself from social media notifications.
  • You can put away your phone before beginning to read something. For example; instead of putting your phone on your table, or in your pocket, you can leave your phone in your bag, or in a closed area that you cannot reach straight away while working.

Note: In all over the world, phones have been the first reason why most people are unproductive in their workplaces.

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9-Engaging With Your Work

Engaging with your work can be your boss’s dream, but you may not be interested in it. You may not like what you do, or whom you work for, but you have to love your work. You should be able to engage with your work. Even though you may not be successful on your first times, that’s okay. As soon as you try to engage with your work, most of your work related tasks will be completely different.

When you begin to engage with your work, or begin to like your work, you will be able to read your e-mails with much better speed, and effectiveness.

Don’t make your e-mails or working tasks boring, try to love and like them. Try to be happy in your work. Because once you accept happiness as your mental awareness, your working productivity will become much higher.

10- Don’t Sit On The Coach or Furniture

Most people may make this mistake, but to read your e-mails, please don’t sit on the coach or furniture. Because when you work on your tasks, such as reading an e-mail, you don’t want to relax. If there is a high level of relaxation, there won’t be a high level of working productivity.

These 10 ways can be extremely helpful to increase your reading speed on e-mails. With this way, you can read your e-mails with much become faster, and effectively.