How To Reprogramme Subconscious Mind ?

How to reprogramme Subconscious Mind ? We create a lot of thoughts, and beliefs during the day. The thoughts, and beliefs that we create impress our Subconscious Mind, and according to our Subconscious Mind, our future will be created. Some people create the future they want, but some people cannot create the future they want. What is the problem ?

The problem is inside of our Subconscious Mind. Their Conscious Mind thoughts contradicts with their Subconscious Mind thoughts, and this situation is causing the problem. Thoughts, and their Subconscious thoughts create their reality.

At this time, the individual has to change, and reprogramme his or her own Subconscious Mind so that the individual can create the future, the results, according to his or her desires.

As a human, we have to also learn how to reprogramme our Subconscious Mind., because Subconscious Mind controls everything that we have right now, we will have in the future.

There are 8 steps to reprogramme your Subconscious Mind.

8 Steps To Reprogramme Your Subconscious Mind

1- Affirmations

We may not be aware of this situation, but we use many affirmations in our life. During our daily life, when we create any thought, we also create affirmations after this thought such as ‘’ I am, or I can”. We can always create the affirmations we want, and we can change the affirmations that we use at any time.

For example; if you are given any idea such as “ you are not good enough at the specific area”, and if you accept this idea as “I am not good enough, so I cannot “, you would always use this affirmation mentally when you are given the same idea.

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We can change this affirmation such as “I am good enough, so I can”, and we can repeat this affirmation over and over again until it becomes our own reality. There is no specific time frame for how long it takes, but we can do it thousands of times, until we can become sure that it becomes our own reality.

Affirmations are critically important, especially when you want to reprogramme your Subconscious Mind, because you use hundreds, maybe thousands of affirmations in your life unconsciously.

2- Changing Beliefs

When we believe something in our Conscious Mind, it directly programmes our own reality into our Subconscious Mind. Even though we can create, and believe unwanted thoughts, it can become our own reality according to our actions. We can always change this situation by ourselves easily. If we can determine the problem belief that we previously had, and believed mentally, we can recreate the opposite belief, and we can believe  the new belief mentally. With this way, you can reprogramme your Subconscious Mind extremely easily.

For example; if you get a bad grade from math class, and if you’re told that “you are not good enough in math”. It can program your whole life is not good enough in math. Even though you may like math, you may even be good at math. If you keep a negative programme, over, and over again, it will always impact your life negatively, because of your belief.

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If you change this belief as “I am good at math”, and if you accept this though mentally, you can reprogramme your Subconscious Mind according to this idea.

Once you change your belief, you are going to be able to reprogram your Subconscious mind easily.

3- Regular Actions

We create a lot of programmed areas, paradigms within our Subconscious Mind, and these programmed areas, or paradigms are created according to our actions. When we want to change our Subconscious Mind or reprogramme our Subconscious Mind, we can always change, or create the actions that we take, and we can keep these actions in the long term. Once we keep these actions in the long term, we can also reprogramme our Subconscious Mind according to the direction of these actions.

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4- Changing Environment

We keep the same genes with our relatives, because all of our genes are given from our family members such as mother, and father. However, our environment creates, and determines what we are going to have in life. Whenever we are in the specific environment, we get affected by the specific environment, there will be a specific programmed area into our Subconscious Mind because of the environment that we are in.

If we want to reprogramme our Subconscious Mind, we can always change our environment so that we can reprogramme our Subconscious Mind easily.

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5- Imagination & Visualization

Imagination, and visualization are one of the most powerful ways to reprogramme the Subconscious Mind, because when we are in the Subconscious state, for example, during sleeping, our brain cannot know what is real, and what is imagination. It will accept the situation as reality. When we want to reprogramme our Subconscious Mind, we can do imagination or visualization according to our desire, and we can create programmed areas easily by this way.

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6- Having Strong Faith

When we create thoughts, beliefs from our Conscious Mind, and we accept these thoughts, and beliefs mentally, we develop faith in our Subconscious Mind, and thanks to this faith, we do our actions according to our programmed areas.

When we keep strong faith in something, this strong faith will eventually affect our Subconscious actions, and because of this faith, our Conscious actions will change as well. By only having strong faith in something over a time period, we can create any reality we want in our future, and we can reprogramme our Subconscious Mind easily.

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7- Creating Emotional Reasons

When we think our Conscious Mind, if we believe the specific thought mentally, and if we accept the thought emotionally, it will be coded into our Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is our emotional mind, so when we want to create new reality, we can accept the thought we create emotionally, because once we accept the thought emotionally, it will be impressed within the Subconscious Mind easily. By only creating emotional reasons for our desire, we can accept any thought we want, and we can create any thought we want easily.

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8- Hire A Subconscious Mind Coach

Hiring Subconscious Mind Coach is the great way to reprogramme your Subconscious Mind, because when you have a mentor who has enough knowledge, and experience from a specific area, you can change yourself much easily. You can do the challenging activities easily, and effectively for yourself. And you can benefit from your Subconscious Mind Coach experience, and knowledge during this journey.

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