How To Take Notes While Reading? 9 Ways That Help Us To Take Note While Reading

During reading, we sometimes may take notes on the book we read. For example; when we read something, if we find important information in the book, or if some information that pays our attention, we can take notes or we may want to take notes. And then we want to take notes, we also read the book at the same time. Because of that reason, note taking can be challenging. And then we want to take notes, we also read the book at the same time. Because of that reason, note taking can be challenging while reading books. Because if you try to take notes while you are reading, you cannot pay attention to the book that you read. Your reading comprehension, and your focus attention ability on reading can be lost extremely easily when you try to take notes.

But have you ever searched that how to take notes while reading ? There are some ways that help us to take note while reading;

Human brain cannot focus on two tasks at the same time. And the human brain cannot process or do two different tasks at the same time. This situation brings us a big problem for our reading life.

Especially, when we want to take notes while reading, we may be scared to take notes or we may not want to take notes on the books.

There are some effective ways to take notes effectively during reading.

Let’s examine these 9 ways to take notes while reading;

1- Mind Map

Mind maps are the most effective way to remember the book you read. Because when we draw a mind map or when we create a mind map, we can see all the details of the book that we read.

Mind maps can be drawn in detailed ways. Mind maps also can be a summary of the entire book in the easiest and the most effective way. Thanks to mind maps, the information can be remembered easily in the future.

2- Consider The Reason That Why You Take Notes

You should consider the real reasons or the facts that why you want to take notes on reading.

You can ask these questions to yourself that;

What is your purpose or goal for this action ?

What benefits do you take for taking notes of the book?

How can the notes support your reading life ?

There can be a lot of or some specific reasons why you want to take these notes. It is important to know these questions answers before beginning to take notes of the book. Because once you know the purpose of why you take these notes, it can be easy to take the notes and to remember the information later on.

how to take notes while reading

3- Catch Key Ideas Without Interrupting Your Reading

While reading, your focus & attention abilities are critically important. You should try to catch main and important ideas for note taking. You shouldn’t try to write in all areas, and you shouldn’t affect your reading.

There is no benefit for you if you try to take notes that are unnecessary for your reading, you will only affect your reading process negatively. And, it is also important that your reading comprehension should be your first priority while reading.

4- Trying Taking Notes To Memory

You should try to catch main ideas on your memory system while reading. This will affect your memory ability positively. It can also help you for memorization.It will make taking notes steps much practical. Recalling the information on the later on would become much easier if you try to memorize the information straight away to your brain. This technique can be challenging for some people, but it is also helpful for long term memorization.

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5- App Based Notes

App based notes are a really effective way for taking notes. It is best to keep notes on all devices at the same time depending on your software that you use.

It is also extremely easy to take notes on a tablet if you read an ebook. And it can be also challenging to take note if you read a physical book, because while reading, you also deal with your notepad separately.

6- Chapter Takeaways

Chapter Takeaways of the books are the best areas for taking notes. The main ideas of each chapter are always written on chapter takeaways. They can be remembered easily, and they are extremely helpful to recall the entire book.

Some books don’t have chapter takeaways, but if the book that you read has chapter takeaways, you should always consider the importance of them for the story of the chapter.

7- Outlining Note Taking

While reading, note taking can be challenging because of multiple different ideas in the notebook. It is important to organize or re-organize all ideas in the book.

If you don’t organize the notes according to the relations of each other, it can be hard to find all notes later on.

Outlining is one of the best note taking for efficiency, because when you outline the information, you organize the information, and this is extremely helpful for readers to seek the information later on.

8- Making A Story Each Chapter

At the end of each chapter, you can make a story of the chapter, and you can take a note of your own story.

It can be challenging for readers to make a story, but you can remember your own stories.

When you make a story at the end of each chapter, this information will become easy to recall later on.

9- Reviewing Entire Notes At The End Of Reading The Book

Once you finish the book, and take all notes, you can review your entire note collection again. When you review them, you can take important ones, you can also determine critical ones, and you can leave unimportant ones.

If you review the information, and notes on the later on, the information can be remembered easily. You may need to remember the specific information in the future, and this can help you to recall your notes.