How To Train Conscious Mind ?


How to train Conscious Mind ? Conscious Mind is the most powerful organ for the creation of everything. We have to always be aware that we create the things we live, experience by our Conscious Mind. We have to be always aware of how to train this power for our own good. Because if we don’t train this power for our own good, there will definitely be unwanted thoughts, events, distractions into our life, that are also created from us. Training Conscious Mind constantly, and regularly is extremely important for our life.

There are 7 steps that we have to take to train our Conscious Mind.

7 Steps To Train Conscious Mind

1- Positive Affirmations

Believe or not, but whatever you impress from your Conscious Mind to your Subconscious Mind, it will come there as a reality, whether it is positive or negative. The Subconscious Mind cannot select, or determine what is good or bad. It will definitely give back to you countless or more times what you have given to it. So it is always important to do positive affirmations on our life constantly. Because by these positive affirmations, we can always create our present’s , and future’s realities.

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2- Repetition The Actions That We Have To Take

Everyday of our life, we think hundreds, maybe thousands of thoughts in our mind, and we can do a lot of things. When we determine what we really want, when we take action, if we face temporary defeats, or failures, it is always critically important to do repetition for our actions. Because without any repetition, any dream cannot be achieved. But when there is constant repetition, there won’t be any power that can defeat us for the long term, or stop us. To get what we really want, we have to take every action, because great successes always come after enormous repetitions, and actions.

If there isn’t a high amount of repetition, or actions before successes, that means that it wasn’t great success. Repetition only comes by Conscious thoughts, and actions.

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3- Creative Imagination

There is no doubt that Conscious Mind has the greatest creative imagination power in this universe. With our Conscious Mind, there is no limitation to create anything. Anything can be created by Conscious thoughts. Creative Imagination, and doing imagination constantly is a great way to train Conscious Mind, because once Conscious Mind creates imagination over and over again, it will be programmed to do it as autopilot in the long term.

Having only imagination will make you dreamer unless you take action according to your imagination, but when there is a constant actions after these imaginations, there will be great improvement on your Conscious Mind, because Conscious Mind is the gatekeeper of Subconscious Mind, and these constant imaginations and actions are great way to train Conscious Mind constantly.

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4- Strong Desire

After having imagination, if there won’t be any desire that backs up these imaginations, there won’t be proper actions. So after every imagination, there must be a strong desire. Once there is a desire for creative imaginations, there will be constant actions, and repetitions, but there will be good training for Conscious Mind, because even though the action may contradict with Subconscious programmed area, once we have strong desire, Conscious Mind will definitely execute the idea for short term. And with this way, we can constantly improve and strengthen our Conscious Mind. Desire is an important key to train Conscious Mind.

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5- Unshakable Faith

There is no greater power than having strong, unshakable faith in this universe. Because once there is a strong faith, there won’t be any defeat until success. And this faith part always trains the Conscious Mind, because having strong faith is the controller of the Subconscious Mind. The Subconscious Mind is controlled by strong faith which comes from the Conscious Mind.

Faith only improves, and creates new challenges to the Conscious Mind. Challenges are also good for Conscious Mind, because every great training comes from great challenges.


6- Using Law of Attraction

When you use Law of Attraction in your life for any reason, Law of Attraction will exactly give you what you want to attract. And once you get what you attracted from your past, there will definitely be constant actions in the process, and strong desires. They can only improve your Conscious Mind, so Law of Attraction is the great way to train Conscious Mind.

The Law of Attraction is the law of belief, and the law of belief comes in the law of vibration. The vibration that we have in the current present time will determine what we are going to attract.


7- Having a Long Term Coach

When you have any type of Coach in your life, there will be only improvement in specific areas. But if you want Conscious Mind Coach, and Subconscious Mind Coach, thanks to Coaching, there will be great training for your Conscious Mind, because once you are directed by Conscious Mind Coach, there will be significant improvement in your Conscious actions, and these actions will help you to achieve where you want to go into life. Fatih Best Life Coaching Service is a great way to train your Conscious Mind with multiple actions. With Fatih Best Life Coaching Service, you can change your Conscious reality completely.

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