How To Use Conscious Mind ?

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How to use Conscious Mind ? This can be the hardest question that we may ask ourselves in our lives, and the hardest situation that we may face everyday of our lives. But this question, and situation also can be extremely easy as well if we know what truly we want in this life. If we determine the direction that we take in our Conscious Mind, this question can be the easiest one that we may ask for ourselves. However, if we don’t know which direction we are going, which direction we want to take, and go, this question will be extremely hard to answer, because we don’t know what we want to create. In contrast, we are the creator of our own lives.

For example; let’s imagine that you want to be an actor in this life. It doesn’t matter your age, or whether you have an acting background, or not, you will still be an actor, probably a good actor. How can I claim that ? Because of your desire, and faith in acting. It doesn’t matter, whether you have acting experience or knowledge or not, your Subconscious Mind will find ways to do it. You have to always trust your  Subconscious Mind, because your Subconscious Mind has only to obey whatever your Conscious Mind impresses, such as acting. It will find a way to bring your desire into a reality. However, if you don’t know what direction you want to go in the life, and if you are always doubtful about the selections that you make in your life such as becoming actor, singer, or any other job, and if you are always fearful like: what happens if I fail on acting, I can try maybe singing something like that, your Subconscious Mind will definitely understand the situation such as; okay the boss want failing on acting so that he/she can go on singing, and you are definitely going to fail. At this time, you create your own failure by your own thoughts. If you ask the question, what happens, if I fail on singing, your Subconscious Mind will definitely execute this idea as well, that’s because of your own thoughts.

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Your Subconscious Mind has to always obey you, especially always obeys your Conscious thoughts. If you don’t give your Conscious Mind clear directions such as where or which direction you want to take, your Subconscious Mind will get confused such as a confused taxi driver who is given a lot of directions at the same time.

If you know, and if you are sure which direction you want to go in, even though you may face some failures or temporary defeats in the road, your Subconscious Mind will definitely give you whatever you want, because of your Conscious directions. That’s the law of your own minds. It is a law such as the law of gravity. Accuracy or being accurate on your Subconscious Mind will determine whether this question is easy or hard for you.

The Greatest Creative Power

Even though Conscious Mind controls %5 of brain ability, Conscious mind can basically create anything that we want in our life. Once we want to have desire, and make a decision on what we want to create, no matter how hard it is, our Subconscious Mind will find a way to do it. Conscious mind is the beginning of every creation. Because you have to decide what you want to create. With your conscious mind, you can create anything in your life. There is no limit on conscious mind creativity. If you choose to create positive things in your life, the conscious mind will directly create positive things. Because it is objective. It directly gives, and creates whatever you command. However, if you want to create negativity or negative situations in your life, the consciousness will still create any possible negativity for your life. But you can always decide, and can take control of your Conscious Mind.

You are always the driver of your own Conscious Mind’s seat, you get to choose how to use your Conscious Mind.

Whatever you want to create in this life, everything will be created according to your desire. You can always analyze any situation by your Consciousness, you can decide which one is good or bad for you, and you can always choose or reject anything that you are given.

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For example; I want you to imagine the relationship you have with someone. Let’s assume that you have a positive, happy relationship with someone, and because of this relationship, you are also happy in your life. It is up to your decision to continue this relationship for your own good, or finish this relationship without any logical reason.

You can also have a negative relationship with someone, and this relationship may affect you negatively in your life. What’s going to happen ? You will be definitely miserable, and you know that you can continue this relationship without any logical reason, because it obviously damage, and harms you, or you can end this relationship by your own decision for your own good. That’s the beauty of using your Consciousness.

For example: you want to have success in your life, and you have a goal to succeed at one specific task. Do you know that, by your own thoughts only, you can achieve the specific situation ? By doing positive affirmation, and creating positive thoughts, you can easily impress your SubconsciousMind by your Conscious thoughts, and your success will eventually be there.

You can also always fear your future success, and you can be doubtful of your future potential success. Under this condition, are you aware that by your own self-sabotaging conscious thoughts, you are going to create the failure that you avoid ?

For example; you want to have positive thoughts in your life, and you want to create positive thoughts in your life as always, and you are creating the positive thoughts right now, by only your decision in your Conscious mind. However, the opposite possibility can happen as well. You want to create positive thoughts, but you always pay attention to negativity, and you always try to avoid negativity without any reason. What is going to happen ? Without any logical reason, you are going to create negative thoughts because of your own Consciousness.

Everything begins in your Conscious Mind, and you are at the driver seat of your Conscious Mind. If you use your consciousness wisely, you can always use your Conscious mind easily under any circumstances.

Conscious Mind Coaching can help you as well, because thanks to Conscious Mind Coaching, you can determine what you want to achieve, or have in your life, and what you want to create in your life. Remember, everything begins in your Conscious Mind.