What is Infinite Intelligence Coaching ?

Have you ever heard of Infinite Intelligence ? God Mind ? Universal Mind ? Yes or no ? Every person in the world has a brain, and the human brain consists of two biological minds. They are Conscious Mind, and Subconscious Mind. Conscious Mind is your reasoning or analytical mind, which is objective and can make selection. Conscious Mind has %5 power on your brain. Subconscious Mind is your Subjective Mind, which cannot make selection and Subconscious Mind accept whatever the Conscious Mind Passes. We can also call it Subconscious Mind is your habit mind, that controls of your %95 of your brain power.

But there is one more mind, which is Infinite Intelligence. Although there is no scientific proof of its existence, but there really is. If you read the Bible, there are some proofs that it exists. Anyway, from some books the infinite Intelligence is also called God Mind, or Universal Mind, or Spiritual Mind, or Superconscious Mind, or Cosmic Power. I like to call it Cosmic Power or Infinite Intelligence. You can call any of them, all of them are one mind,  the same mind. Infinite Intelligence works within the Subconscious Mind, because of that reason the human Subconscious Mind is one of the most powerful things in this universe, but don’t worry, every person has it.

Infinite Intelligence has never been born, and it will never die, it is an endless source. Infinite Intelligence is the God Mind. I can give you one good example about it.

Sometimes, we may struggle because of some problems in our life, and we may try to solve the specific problem with too much effort, but we may not solve it. But suddenly the answer or solution can appear in our mind. Have you ever experienced this situation ? I, personally, had hundreds of times. And, you have also, too. That is because of your Infinite Intelligence, which is an endless source of mind.

All your problems’ answers are within your Subconscious Mind. When you truly learn how to use your Subconscious Mind, when you are able to truly benefit from Infinite Intelligence, you can solve every problem you have in your life. It is a common human mind, which is a universal mind. Your Infinite Intelligence is an endless, unique source that you can benefit at any time, in any place, under what circumstances you are in. Infinite Intelligence works with the Subconscious Mind, and Infinite Intelligence exists into the Subconscious Mind.

Who is Infinite Intelligence For ?

Fatih CARPAN’s Infinite Intelligence Coaching Service teaches you how you can benefit from the endless source of unique God’s Mind, which is the most powerful source in the universe.

With Infinite Intelligence help, you can basically solve any impossible problems, because it works and operates into the Subconscious Mind.

If you look at Albert Einstein’s life, there are also some strong proofs that he had been benefiting from his Subconscious Mind, and Infinite Intelligence.

Fatih CARPAN’s Infinite Intelligence Coaching Service is for anyone who wants to truly benefit from Infinite Intelligence, which is the most powerful resource in the world.


Do You Want To Learn How To Use Your Infinite Intelligence ?

Benefits Of Working With Infinite Intelligence Coach


Problem Solving

You can solve any of your problems without hustle by the power of Infinite Intelligence. Every problem’s solutions are within Infinite Intelligence, and you can get any information which has never been used before from Infinite Intelligence. 

Positive Psychology

If you look in history, who really uses Infinite Intelligence, all of them have common habits. They have a positive mindset, positive psychology. If you truly learn how to use Infinite Intelligence, you will always have a positive psychology.


Non Stressful Life

After learning how to use Infinite Intelligence in your life, all your life will be easy. Even though you may face extremely complicated tasks, it will still become easy, and there will be a high chance that you will be away from stress. No one wants stress in their life.

Discovering Endless Opportunity

Do you want to discover endless opportunities in your life ? Every of your desire’s, and your future opportunities are within you. Infinite Intelligence is a limitless power that has endless possibilities. 


Miracle Healing power

There are two different types of healing. Subconscious Mind is the biological healer of the body. Infinite Intelligence, which is God’s Mind or God’s Power is the miracle healing power. With Infinite Intelligence inside of you, you can get healing on any time from any illness, even though the deadliest cancers. It is the miracle, non-scientific healing power.

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Ready to make a change ?

It is time to stop thinking and taking action for your endless wisdom of source. You can basically solve any of your problems by just applying the power of Infinite Intelligence, which is Universal Mind.

Take action right now for the endless wisdom for what you want in your life.