Is Speed Reading Real ?

Is Speed Reading real ?

When it comes to reading, it is maybe one of the most debated issue on reading, especially from the readers. Is speed reading a real thing ? How can person read faster than a normal reader ? Why are there Speed Readers ?

You probably ask these questions to yourself over and over again as normal reader. As Speed Reading Coach, I can give this question’s answer; Yes, Speed Reading is real for readers. But you may wonder that if there is a Speed Reading, why or how would I read slower ? Well, this is not your fault. This is Traditional School System Fault.

Traditional School System teaches you reading word by word. And Traditional School System teaches you stopping points, comas, etc. That makes you normal reader, and that keeps you low reading level range. Moreover, Traditional School System teaches you vocalization and not teaches you using visual placer while reading. Even though Speed reading is real, you may not believe because of these facts that about Speed Reading. With only Basic Speed Reading Techniques, you can triple your Reading Speed extremely easily.

Why is Speed Reading Real ?

As a Speed Reader, I can prove you how and why Speed Reading is real. When you eliminate your Traditional School System Reading Techniques, you are going to also discover the Speed Reading Techniques. Traditional School System teaches you reading by vocalization. During reading, you were thought to read by vocalization and this has caused you to make subvocalization while reading in all your reading life.

When you read, you repeat automatically from your inside what you read, because of that reason, you read low number of level per minute. Subvocalization is one of the biggest enemy on Speed Reading and Subvocalization is first reason that why you think that Speed Reading isn’t real or why you don’t believe the idea of Speed Reading. If you eliminate the Subvocalization, you are going to begin to speed up during reading. There are also a lot of factors for Speed Reading, like using visual placer while reading, depends on which device you read.

Whether you read on the phone, tablet, laptop, physical book, or e-book, it doesn’t matter, from every device, you can basically use Visual Placer while reading and you can always support your eyes level while reading. As a Speed Reading Coach, I can guarantee that Speed Reading Idea is a real thing and you can also become a Speed Reader with basic and effective ways.

If you can read slowly, because of Traditional School System reading Techniques, you can also read fast with basic Speed Reading Techniques. I can read 1500 words per minute and as Speed Reading Coach I have increased my Reading Speed over the years. Increasing Reading Speed is not hard as much as you think, it is easy in reality with basic techniques.

The problem about Speed Reading is you were thought to read on Traditional School System. And in all your life, you have followed reading by Traditional School System Reading Techniques. The human brain consist of two minds; Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. Subconscious Mind is your habit mind. It controls your % 95 brain system. And that is problem on Speed Reading, because you have made slow reading techniques as habit in all your life because of Traditional School System.

Conscious Mind is your objective, thinking mind. It controls % 5 brain action into your body. Human Subconscious Mind is controlled by Conscious Mind. When you were learning how to read on school, you were using your Conscious Mind and slow reading has become your habit, which is created into your Subconscious Mind, habit mind.

Can The Slow Reading Habit Be Changed ?

It can be changed easily, by only applying Speed Reading Techniques. I am 27 years old and I have read thousands of books in all my life. I have learned reading also as a normal reader into Traditional School System and I had adopted to use Slow Reading Techniques because of School System.

But I had made a commitment about Speed Reading and over the years I have increased my Reading Speed by only basic techniques. I have created an excellent, uniques Speed Reading Techniques for myself and I have created an excellent 21 Days Speed Reading Course, that can increase your reading Speed. Please check out my 21 Days Speed Reading Course:

Can I Learn Speed Reading Easily And Become a Speed Reader ?

Yes you can, there is no difference between me and yourself. I have increased my Reading Speed over the years and I have created all of my Speed Reading techniques by myself. There wasn’t someone who thought me Speed Reading, I have educated myself. But you are lucky, because as your Speed Reading Coach, there is an excellent Speed Reading Course, that can triple your Reading Speed with only basic steps.

Speed Reading is a commitment, believing in yourself. With only Basic Steps, you can increase your Reading Speed extremely easily, by the only basic techniques. And once you learn the techniques, if you apply the every Speed Reading Technique for the long term, you are going to become Speed Reader. It is a long term habit and skill.

From this post, I showed you is Speed Reading is real or not and why there is a Slow Reading. Speed Reading is a skill, that can be learned easily and Traditional School System is the reason why most of the readers read with low reading Speed.