Is Subconscious Mind Healer Of The Body ?

Is Subconscious Mind healer of the body ? Subconscious Mind is the real controller of the body. Subconscious Mind is also the biological healer of the body. Subconscious Mind is designed to heal the body, because it only cares about the human body. Subconscious Mind is programmed to heal the body automatically, when the human body faces any health problem.

There are two types of healing. The first healing is Subconscious Mind healing, which is also faith healing, and biological healing.

The second type of healing is Spiritual Healing, that is non-scientific healing. This healing comes from Infinite Intelligence, which is God’s Power, or Universal Power.

Spiritual healing, and Subconscious Mind healing are totally different from each other. They work in different ways.

Subconscious Mind is the controller of every function of our body. Our organs, and every body functions are controlled from Subconscious Mind.

For example, have you ever wondered why your organs operate into your body, and keep you alive ? How does your blood circulation work ? How do your organs function in your body ?

Their answers are simple; there is an intelligence inside of you, that is designed, and programmed to maintain your body, and operate its functions.

Subconscious Mind can basically heal your from of any illness or health problem. It can be an incurable, deadly illness, it doesn’t matter, your Subconscious Mind can still heal you according to your actions, and impressions to your Subconscious Mind.

For example; there are a lot of different scientific evidences that the people who recovered from deadly illnesses because of their beliefs, and faiths on healing. That’s your Subconscious Mind healing, which is your biological healing.

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When you focus on healing, when you shift your attention to healing, your Conscious Mind will impress your Subconscious mind with healing ideas, and your Subconscious Mind can basically heal your body, which is its job.

For example; there was a doctor in India for a long time. He has been using his patients’ Subconscious Mind during the surgery operation. Before surgery, he has always been suggesting to his patients that, you are going to heal after the operation, and you won’t bleed during the operation.

Their patients have always been accepting his suggestions, and the operations have always been completed according to the doctor’s suggestion. The real scientific reason is because of patients’ Subconscious Mind, because the patients have always been believing the doctor’s suggestions, and their Subconscious Mind was giving the results that they have believed.

Thanks to this technique, the Indian doctor saved a lot of lifes in the past.

When pharmaceutical companies weren’t existed in history, there were still people who had been affected by diseases or health problems. And there were still people who had been recovering from their health problems. That’s because of their faith and belief. Because faith, and beliefs bring real healing.

How Does Subconscious Mind Heal The Body ?

Every healing starts within Conscious Mind. Subconscious Mind is the real healer of the body, but Subconscious Mind is controlled from Conscious Mind. That means that every healing starts within Conscious Mind. Every of thoughts, beliefs, actions, start within Conscious mind, and the real healing power also starts within Conscious Mind.

The Steps of Healing

1- Current Focus

Your current Conscious Mind thinking creates your focus, and wherever you put your attention, you hold your focus in this direction as well. If you focus on something positive, the Conscious Mind will impress to Subconscious Mind with positive ideas. However, if you focus on negativity,the  opposite situation can happen as well.

It is always important to keep your focus, and attention on positive sides, especially healing, because there is an intelligence inside of you, that is only programmed to heal you.

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2- Desire

If we look at the people who recovered from incurable or deadliest illnesses in the world, they recovered firstly because of their desire. Desire is extremely important in healing, especially when the person impresses his or her own Subconscious Mind by healing desire.

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3- Faith

Faith is extremely important to get healed from any illness or health problem, because Subconscious Mind healing, which is biological healing, is equal to faith healing. When you impress your Subconscious Mind in this way, your Subconscious Mind will obey the faith that you impesss there, and this faith may heal you as well.

It is extremely important to develop faith in healing, because when you develop faith, Conscious Mind will emotionally impress healing to Subconscious Mind. False impressions or negative faiths would always harm us, so it is critically important to develop faith in healing.

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4- Actions

Actions on healing is extremely important for the healing journey, because once there are actions for healing, Subconscious Mind can also be re-programmed easily on healing. There is a term for disease reversal. The Disease Reversal is scientifically proven in the USA by some scientist, and doctors. When there is a disease or specific health problem in the body, the body has the illness because of some actions. If the actions can be determined, and if disease reversal is applied, which is the opposite of how you got the disease, there is a strong chance that you can recover from the illness. Today, thanks to this disease reversal idea, many lives have been saved.

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