Refund & Return Policy, Delivering The Product

If you place an order electronically through the website you are using, you are deemed to have accepted the preliminary information form and the distance sales contract presented to you.

Refund and Return Policy

We don’t have have return policy for our 21 Day Speed Reading Course or our Coaching Service sessions. Once you order the product (21 Day Speed Reading Course) or our any Coaching Service Sessions, once the payment is processed, you will be able to access the course instantly, so our 21 Day Speed Reading Programme is delivered electronical environment, we don’t have refund or return policy for our online course. Also, once your order our Coaching Service Sessions on our platform, your session will be booked for spesific time period, so we cannot cancel your session, and we don’t have refund policy for online sessions.They are delivered the user instantly, you have accepted the distance sales contract by placing order from this website.

Delivering The Product

For Our 21 Day Speed Reading Course, once you are in the checkout section, you are also required to create username and password for yourself. Once the checkout is done, and payment is processed, you will receive also e-mail about confirmations of order, and your login details; username, and password. With this details, you can login your dashboard, and take the course, or process the course whenever you want.

For our Online Sessions, once you book your sessions from our website, your session will be booked for spesific time period, and your coaching sessions will be delivered on Zoom Calling(Online Platform). Once you book your session, and payment is forwarded, you will receive confirmation e-mail about your booking details. Once you receive the e-mail, your spesific time priod will be written on e-mail, and the Zoom Link (the calling link that you click to connect for spesific time period will be given also from same e-mail. On you session time, once you click the link, you will be redirected Zoom Calling by your Coach.)