The Cosmic Energizer: The Miracle Power of the Universe


Have you ever heard of Subconscious Mind, or Infinite Intelligence, which is God Mind or Universal Mind. If not, this book is for you because this book teaches you the existence of Cosmic Power, and how to use the God Mind, or Cosmic Power, or Infinite Intelligence inside of you. This power is within you, it is inside of your Subconscious Mind, and you Subconscious Min works with Universal Mind.

From this book, you can recognize some miracle situations, and their real reasons that why these miracles happened. For example, some people can have extremely deadly illnesses, and they can get cured within night or short term, that’s because of Universal Mind, which is God’s Mind, or God’s Power.

If you read also this book, you can understand the reason that why some people get healings easily despite of their deadly illnesses, and other’s call it miracle. Actually, there is no miracle, there is only God’s Power, which is universal power.

From this book, you can learn how to use this Universal Power, or God’s Mind. This book can change and shape your life, and I would strongly recommend you to keep this book for your life, because suddenly you may need to use this universal, the greatest power in the universe.

I am going to cure the Parkinson Disease when I move to USA in the future, and I am going to mainly benefit from my universal mind, and thanks to this book, and author’s techniques, I also learned how to use this power. I would strongly recommend to every reader who wants to learn how to use God’s Mind or Universal Mind, the greatest power.