Top 10 Reasons Why Audiobooks Are Better Than Traditional Books

Most of the readers in the world prefer to read physical books. which are traditional books. We have been adopted to read on physical books since our childhood.

Unlike physical books, there are a lot of advantages to audio books. Listening audiobooks can have a lot of positive impacts on our reading life.

Let’s examine top 10 reasons why audiobooks are better than traditional books;

1- Audiobooks Highlight Book Emotions

Unlike traditional books, audiobooks highlight emotions.When you read physical books, the book’s emotions cannot be understood easily sometimes.

For example; you may lose your reading comprehension and you may lose the emotion that was mentioned in the book. However, when you listen to audiobooks, emotions or important places in the book can be understood easily. Because instead of physical reading. you listen to something that won’t affect reading comprehension, so understanding the important places in the book would become much easier on audio books.

2- Audiobooks Increase Reading Comprehension

Once you listen to audiobooks, reading comprehension will become extremely easy. Many readers lose reading comprehension while reading physical books.

Reading comprehension can be also challenging among most readers. In audiobooks, there is no reading comprehension lost possibility, because instead of physical reading, you listen to books.

Audiobooks can be extremely helpful to increase reading comprehension because you can focus much better on listening instead of physical reading, but as a reader, you have to also read physical books.

3-Audiobooks Increase Readers’ Pronunciation

When you listen to something, it affects your reading ability. Audiobooks help readers to increase their language pronunciation.

Readers can pronounce the words more easily, thanks to listening to audiobooks.

When you listen to anything, it can stay on your mind after the learning process easily, but of course, it can depend on the person’s learning method.

When you listen to audiobooks, it may improve your pronunciation, and speaking ability.

4-Audiobooks Don’t Consume Space

When you have physical books, you may need multiple shelves to store the books. You have to carry them as well with yourself. For example; when you travel anywhere, you also have to carry all of your bookshelf. I have experienced this situation a lot, and I can guarantee you that it is more painful than you think.

When you have audiobooks, there is no storage problem on audiobooks, they stay in one device or software. When you keep your entire collection on one electrical device, you can carry them in wherever you want.

top 10 reasons why audiobooks are better than traditional books

5– Audiobooks Can Be Listened On Any Time As A Music

If you try to carry physical books, you have to always carry them, each place you go.

Audiobooks can be carried on anywhere without any effort. Readers can listen in any place at any time.

When the reader does any task: such as traveling, cooking, the reader can listen to the audiobook easily. And readers can multitask at the same time for events.

For example; when you go to the gym, with your support, you can listen to your book. When you go to the grocery, you can do the same thing as well.

You can benefit with your time this way, on highest efficiency.

6- Audiobooks Can Be Carried In Anywhere In The World Easily

When you have an audiobook, there is no physical existence of the real book. Because of that reason, audiobooks can always be carried or transported easily.

Audiobooks don’t consume any place. During traveling, you can carry millions of audiobooks within one device with no effort.

If you carry more than 10 books on traveling, you will spend a lot of effort carrying.

7- Reader and Student Friendly

There is no carrying process on audiobooks. It is extremely important for students, and readers, but especially for students, because many students suffer back pain or hand pain. But Since there is no physical existence, there are also no potential back pain, and no hand pain.

Audiobooks can also be shareable depending on your software among the students, and readers. This is extremely important for students, due to saving money.

When the book or content is shareable, more people can benefit from the same audiobooks.

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8- Instant Delivering

Once the purchasing is done, readers receive the audiobook instantly. Because audiobooks are delivered within the internet or apps or softwares. So, there is no shipping process, or waiting time.

However, when you order physical books, there can always be delays in your shipping or package. You can receive your book late, so for an instant delivery option, it is ideal to choose audiobooks instead of physical books.

9- Audiobooks Help Readers To Gain Reading Habit

There is no real reading process on audiobooks. Readers still read without the process of reading. Instead of a traditional reading method, readers listen to the book.

Audiobooks also don’t tire readers’ eyes, because you don’t use your eyes on audiobooks. That is extremely important because readers may rest their eyes while reading.

People also can gain a reading habit easily by listening to Audiobooks, because the reading process becomes easier, and fun.

10- Cheaper Than Traditional Books

Price of audiobooks are cheaper than physical books, because there is no physical existence of the book in the physical world. There is no shipping fee or process. There is no publishing fee or storing book fees on audiobooks.

Because of these criterias, audiobooks are cheaper than traditional books.

Physical existence of the book is extremely important, because you can fit millions of audiobooks into one device, and all these audiobooks can be carried easily anywhere.