Top 10 Reasons Why Ebooks Are Better Than Traditional Books

There are some different kinds of reading techniques among readers. Some readers prefer to listen to audiobooks. Some readers love to read physical books. Some readers prefer to read ebooks.

As a Speed Reading Coach, I generally read ebooks, because of their features. But I also listen to audiobooks, and I also read physical books.

There are some extra features on ebooks for readers.

Let’s examine top 10 reasons why ebooks are better than traditional books;

1-Ebooks Are Instant

When you purchase a physical book on any website, you have to wait for shipping time, and after some amount of days, you receive your book. However, ebooks are instant. Once you buy it, you can receive it directly from your device. You don’t wait for the shipping process, because there is no shipping, and there is no waiting.

Whenever you desire also, you can access your ebook anywhere, wherever you go, as soon as you bring your device with you.

2- Note Taking Friendly

You can take notes on physical books, but from ebooks, the notes can be taken extremely easily, without effort. You don’t waste a lot of time on paper or notebook. The lines on your ebook can be highlighted easily.

For example; when you read your book, if you like the line you read, you can highlight the line easily, and you can also choose a different color depending on the software that you use for reading the book.

Note-taking is super easy on ebooks, because you don’t spend too much effort. You just type words on your electronic device.

Top 10 Reasons Why Ebooks Are Better Than Traditional Books

3- Ebooks Take No Physical Place

Ebooks don’t consume physical space, because you just hold them digitally. It only requires software into any device. You can keep millions of books into one device.

Imagine that you have a thousand books. How can you store these thousand physical books into your home ?

You need to save at least two different rooms for a thousand books.

However, ebooks don’t take up any space. You can store millions of books into one device easily, and you can always transport your device with you anywhere.

4- Ebooks Are Environmental Friendly

Ebooks don’t consume paper for publishing. When you create an ebook, you just buy and receive it from a digital device.

There is no need to cut trees for ebooks, because there is no publishing process, and all books are created and sold into electrical devices.

Individuals or readers can save a tree by choosing only to read an ebook. You should be aware of the importance of trees for our lives, because trees protect our environments, and our world. We need oxygen to survive, and trees supply our oxygen.

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5-Ebooks Don’t Need External Lights

Ebooks have their own lights, because you read ebooks within an electrical device. Ebooks can be read at night easily without using external lights.

For example; if you are in the bedroom with your partner at night, you can read your ebook without disturbing your partner with the bedroom light.

For some situations, ebooks are life savers.

6- Student Friendly

Ebooks are student friendly, because millions of students suffer from carrying physical books.

For example; when I was in primary school, and high school, I still remember that I was suffering back and hand pain from carrying unnecessary physical books everyday. A lot of students have the same situation, unfortunately.

Most primary school, and high school students still suffer from this situation.

However, there is no suffering from backpack pain or hand pain on ebooks, because there is no carrying process for ebooks.

7- You Can Carry Your Library In Anywhere In The World

Within one device, you can fit millions of books, and you can carry these books anywhere in the world easily, without any hustle or effort.

For example; I have lived in many countries, and during my lifetime, I have changed many cities. As a reader, I have always carried my ipad with myself, and I have carried millions of books within one device with myself.

There wasn’t any transportation effort for my books, because I was keeping them in an electrical device.

You can do the same thing as well. It is an extremely easy thing to do, and effective.

8- Multiple Functions

You read ebooks from electronic devices, and there are multiple functions from these devices for your ebooks.

For example; when you travel anywhere, you can use the voice typing feature, and you can listen to your ebook instead of the actual process of reading. It makes the reading process extremely easy, and practical.

If your device has waterproof features, you can read your book into the bathroom, pool, etc.

9- Cheaper Than Normal Books

Normal books are more expensive than ebooks, because there is a publishing process, and shipping processes. However, there is no publishing, and shipping process on ebooks. This makes the reading process extremely easy, and effective. Because of that reason, the cost of ebooks directly declines.

There is no publishing process, so there is no storage process on ebooks, that also affects price well.

Instead of choosing a physical book, it would be much better to choose an e-book for the price situation.

10- Ebooks Can Be Accessed Anywhere In The World

You can access ebooks anywhere in the world, it doesn’t matter wherever you are from. There is no shipping process on ebooks, and there is no shipping or waiting time. Once you buy your ebook, you straight away recieve your book, and there are no obstacles for anyone to reach any book. It is such an easy process.

These 10 reasons are the advantages of reading e-books instead of physical books.