What Are The Barriers To Speed Reading ?

There are some factors in our reading life that are obstacles for us to increase our reading speed, and strengthen our reading life. These obstacles and barriers can impact our learning life negatively. Have you ever asked yourself that what are the barriers to speed reading ?

The reason is that they affect our reading life extremely negatively. They are also barriers for speed reading.

Let’s examine these 9 barriers for speed reading;

1- Negative Mindset

Negative Mindset is one of the worst enemy on our health and on our reading life. Having a negative mindset impacts our life in extremely negative ways.

It is a big barrier on speed reading, and it directly affects readers negatively.

For example; imagine that before beginning to read something, you have a negative mindset, and you think about this negative event over and over again. This negative thinking pattern will eventually worsen your reading ability, and it will also have a destructive impact on your focus ability while reading.

This will cause you to have low reading comprehension while reading, and this low reading comprehension and low focus ability cycle will continue unless you change your negative mindset.

Having a negative mindset is one of the worst barriers for speed reading, but once you change your negative mindset, you will directly shift your mindset towards positivity. And you can directly solve the problem by changing your mindset.

2- Lack Of Reading Desire

Even though we may love reading, some of us may not have enough reading desire at times. This is a normal situation for all readers, but if a lack of reading desire will continue on the person, it will also impact your reading ability negatively in the long term.

Lack of Reading Desire directly affects readers negatively, because once you don’t have a reading desire, you will no longer want to read more. And it will become a barrier for speed reading.

This is not an ideal habit for speed reading.

Readers should always have a higher reading desire. Readers should always seek ways to read more books or more reading materials.This higher reading desire will eventually impact readers positively.

3- Traditional School System

Traditional School System is one of the worst barriers and obstacles for speed reading.

The Traditional School System teaches you reading in a totally wrong way. It teaches you reading by vocalization, and subvocalization while reading.

That is the biggest red flag on speed reading because once you adapt to do Subvocalization and Vocalization while reading, your reading life will be affected negatively. They will keep you on low reading speed and low reading comprehension.

They will always be barriers and obstacles in your reading life.

Traditional school system also teaches you reading by stopping word by word and stopping on points, question marks, etc.

These stoppings are unnecessary in reality, and you only waste time while reading without logical reason. You also affect your reading comprehension negatively while reading.

All techniques that the traditional school system taught you for reading need to be removed completely.

Especially, you should have never done Subvocalization while reading, it only affects your reading speed negatively. There is no benefit in doing Subvocalization while reading.

You can always eliminate Subvocalization easily for your long term reading habit.

4- Choosing Wrong Topic For Reading

This situation is a common mistake among all readers. Most readers may choose the wrong book or reading topic, and the reader’s current negative mindset can affect reading negatively.

Right topic or book will strengthen your reading habit, and that will impact your potential speed reading positively.

5- Not Using Visual Placer While Reading

Not using any visual placer while reading is one of the worst barriers for speed reading because it impacts speed reading extremely negatively.

Readers have to use visual placer while reading to support their eye movements.

If they don’t support their eye movements while reading, their eyes will waste a lot of time during the reading process. This wasting time is an unnecessary and illogical thing to do. And wasting eye movements while reading will impact speed reading extremely negatively.

Because of that reason, readers have to always use visual placer while reading.

6- Lack Of Speed Reading Knowledge

Most readers around the world don’t have enough knowledge on speed reading. They may think that speed reading is not possible or logical. This wrong, negative mindset will become the biggest barrier on speed reading.

Lack of knowledge has always had negative impacts on any area of our life.

7- Wrong Information About Speed Reading On The Internet

There are a lot of wrong informations about speed reading on the internet or other materials. Those wrong informations can cause you to learn either wrong techniques or knowledges on speed reading. And these wrong techniques or knowledge will become a negative barrier for speed reading, because you have already been introduced with wrong information about the topic.

8- Accessibility Of The Books In The Specific Country

Some of the countries in the world may not have enough book sources in the world. There are also chances these counties may not have the different book topics.

These countries may not care about the importance of reading and education as well.

Because of these reasons, and due to lack of book resources, these countries may face a barrier for speed reading.

9- Lack Of Financial Statement To Purchase Books

Some of the countries around the world may have a lack of financial statements or purchasing powers into their country due to multiple reasons. To be able to buy enough books, they may not be able to buy books or reading material.

This lack of financial statement can have a negative impact on speed reading because even though most readers would like to increase their reading speed, it may not be possible according to their purchasing power of the book.

In conclusion, these 9 ways are barriers for speed reading. These 9 barriers can be overcomed, but depending on the circumstances, it may not be possible for some people.