What Are The Benefits of Reading Books ? 19 Benefits Of Reading Books

What are the benefits of reading books ?

We may heard many times that the benefits of reading or the importance of reading from readers, but haven’t you asked this question that why should I read books ? Having reading habit is one of the best habit that you can have for yourself, because having reading habit can be one of the most unique and best habit for yourself. Reading may change your life completely.

If we look the readers who have regular reading habit, we can directly recognize that they have a lot of extra privilege for their life, thanks to their reading habit.

During our childhood, we may always heard that we should have permanent and regular reading habit from childhood to old age years.

Let’s examine what are the main benefits and positive impacts of reading for our lifes.

1- You Can Cope With Stress by Reading Books

It has also been confirmed by research by scientists that reading a book reduces and minimalises stress. At the end of a busy working day, if you read a book of 20-30 pages, it will take you away from the worries of the day. Especially a love book that does not tire you and usually has a happy ending will ensure that positive energy spreads both in your soul and in your brain.

Your mood is extremely important when you sleep, so please keep in mind that if you read a book which leaves positive impact on you, this positive mood help you to get good and efficient sleep.

When you make reading a habit, which is among the top hobbies that are good for stress, you will notice that you are noticeably away from your worries and anxieties.

2- Your Imagination and Creativity Get Improved

A person who reads books constantly means that he/she is constantly traveling and seeing. Especially when you read a gripping fantasy or science fiction novel, you feel like you are traveling to a completely different place. This allows you to increase your thinking power, imagination and creativity, although there are no such places in reality. Your life will be improved as much as you imagination and creativity grow, so always keep in mind to feed your imagination and creativity by books.

3- It Makes Easy Your Decision Ability

If a person is not knowledgeable enough about any subject or has never seen their precedents before, of course, the person will be surprised when he/she hears it for the first time, or there will be high chance that the person will get confused and won’t be able to decide what to do. He/She cannot think, comment, abstain.

This is the case when making any choice, even when looking for an answer in the face of a question. Reading a book gives people the habit of making quick and easy decisions. A person who reads a lot swims more comfortably in the sea of words.

He/She has read many events, stories, fictions so far. Therefore, He/She can think more easily and make decisions more easily.

4- Your General Culture Increases

No matter what type of book you like, every book you read will add something to you, especially on your culture perspective and life perspective. A thinking person is a person who is hungry for learning. You learn a little bit of information from every book you read. This allows you to turn into a giant general culture encyclopedia over time. Now you have enough knowledge to comment on any subject, and you can show your air. You can basically have any expertise on any area or knowledge on any area, these knowledges will impact also on your confidence positively.

5- It Allows You to Have Better Speech

It provides Better Speech a person who reads books regularly means that he or she is learning the correct spelling of words. If the person reads the book carefully, every word the person learns will take its place in his memory. Thus, the person can speak with a much smoother and more magnificent diction. Someone who reads too many books; you can immediately distinguish the words the person chooses, the style the person uses and the fluency in his or her expression.

6- It Makes Communication Easier

Almost all the benefits of regular reading are combined in the ability to speak and express oneself. Easy communication is one of them. Sometimes we enter an environment, where we meet with new people. While we can become friends with some in a very short time, we feel like there is a distance with others. The only reason for this is communication breakdown.

People who have difficulty in communicating, make friends more difficult and explain themselves more difficult. People who read books all the time are extremely relaxed and talkative. They can talk and communicate with people, even with strangers easier than average people.

7- A Reader Cannot Feel Himself/Herself Alone

You know the saying that a book is the best friend. Because books never leave you alone. At home, on the bus, on the road, at the top of the mountain, in your happiest and most unhappy moments.

As long as you reach out to your books, they will come whenever you want them to come. Your books will never leave you unless you let them go. Open and read a few pages of a book, even when you feel yourself the most alone time. You will distance yourself from that psychology and realize that you are not alone in life. Thus, the book you read will make you feel that you are hanging out with your friend while reading.

8- Your Vocabulary Knowledge Increases

A person who reads a lot has read too many sentences, and therefore too many words. We do not use such different, terminological words in daily conversation with the people we communicate. But when we read, we learn new words all the time.

This is reflected in our way of speaking over time. A person with a small vocabulary will always get bogged down when explaining or discussing any topic. He/She thinks, waits, looks for the appropriate word. A person who reads books all the time, manages to focus all the attention and make himself listen with the words he/she uses while talking.

9- It is a Key of Success

One of the most important benefits of reading books is that it brings success. Because a person who reads books regularly has a strong ability to perceive and understand the area of the knowledge. This situation returns as success in both business life and school. A person who reads a lot can understand what he is reading very quickly or can immediately grasp what is being told to him/her.

Therefore, we can easily define the habit of reading as the key to success. Plus, it is also clear that we learn more information from the books we read than our current Traditional School System. Especially, if we study and pay attention to read on specific area, there will be high change to develop a good level of expertise.

10- Reading Books makes life to love more

In fact, there is a wonderful life flowing before our eyes every day. But while we chase after great happiness, we often miss small ones. Here, books are the only tools that make us realize the beauty of life. In one of the stories you read; it is told that a seed sown germinates, turns green, grows and children play under it.

11- It Increases Concentration Power

Of course, someone who constantly reads books does not expect the environment to be quiet and calm. Because now people are racing against time. Student, employee, housewife, it doesn’t matter, everyone is in a busy schedule. As such, a person who likes to read books tries to read in any environment he/she finds.

Someone trying to read a book on the bus, subway or ferry tries to isolate himself from external sounds and understand what he\she is reading. This gives that person a serious concentration and ability to focus. This ability will return positively to you in other parts of your life.


12- It Improves Sleep Quality

Reading before going to bed helps to clear your mind, reduce cortisol levels, in other words, reduce stress. A mind that is feed from positive thoughts falls asleep more easily. If you get into the habit of reading a little book before going to sleep, you will notice how your sleep quality improves over time. Please keep in mind that you should try to read physical book, instead of an e-book, because the light that e-book has can disturb your vision area.


13- It Develops Your Ability to Empathize

The more books you get, the more new life you get to know. Every story you read gives you slices of other people’s lives. You witness their happiness, their troubles, their hardships. Most of us cannot open our hearts to each other in normal life. Sometimes misunderstanding and sometimes our egos can prevent it.

But we also expect people to understand us. Mutual lack of communication and lack of empathy cause huge disagreements. Reading books gives us the ability to empathize. In this way, we can put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and try to think and feel like him/her. A person who can empathize is also tolerant and is also strong enough to overcome all problems.

14- Your Perspective on Life Changes

Now whoever we turn from the street to ask, they will say that they are not satisfied with their life. This dissatisfaction covers such a large area… Some people complain about their appearance, some about the life they live, and some about their families. And a fact in the nature of human beings is that everyone sees the pain they experience as the greatest pain in the world.

Then you pick up a book and start reading. Somewhere in the world you read that someone of the same age, with the same characteristics, has to fight to survive. You learn that a 9-year-old boy who needs to play with his toys has to work or the person at the top of his/her career was paralyzed in an accident. And suddenly your perspective on life changes. You will become a person who complains less and gives thanks more.


15- It Strengthens Memory

A person who reads a book does not allow his brain to become lazy. Everything that works evolves and gets better over time. We do sports so that our muscles get stronger, we cook constantly so that we become a good cooker, we study so that we succeed in exams, etc. The more we work our brain and don’t let it go blank, the stronger it gets. Especially the elderly need to read a book every day, even if it is 20-30 pages. Activities such as reading books helps to prevent many brain diseases, especially Alzheimer.

16- It Increases Self-Confidence

If a person does not know about the situation in question, he/she does not comment. The person avoids talking and getting into arguments. Because he/she does not have enough information. However, a person who reads books all the time, has a little knowledge of every subject. This gives him/her self-confidence. He/She sees in himself/herself the potential to enter into every argument and make the other party believe what he/she knows.

17- It’s The Best Social Medicine

There is no problem that a correctly chosen book cannot make one forget. When we’re bored, we usually turn on a movie and aim to clear our minds. While watching a movie, we can still dive into our own thoughts. But this is never the case when reading a book. Because both our eyes and our brains work. At the same time, if it is a book that appeals to our soul, it also awakens our spiritual feelings.

Do you think there is a better activity that affects many parts of your body at the same time and allows you to get away from the problems of the moment? Reading books is the best medicine for the soul and problems of a person.


18- Reading Books Organizes Your Life

Let’s take a look at the life we live. Isn’t our today the same as yesterday and our yesterday the same as tomorrow? This circle continues by chasing days, months and years. We need to do something to spice up and organize our own lives. Of course, there are many ways to do this, but reading a book, which is our subject, is the most cost-effective and non-tiring one.


19 – It Makes Thinking Quickly

The more we train the brain, the stronger it becomes. A mind that does not think, does not wonder, does not question, will get used to laziness over time. The brain of a person who reads a lot is always trained. The words, sentences, and information he/she learned are scattered all over his/her mind. Therefore, he/she thinks and comments quickly on any subject. If you notice, the winners of the quiz show on television are the people who read the most books.


We have mentioned 19 benefits or reading book for our lives. It is important to be aware these benefits to build proper reading habit. There are a lot of important reason that why we have to read a book for our lifes.