What Are The Differences Between Normal Reading And Speed Reading ?

What are the differences between normal reading and speed reading ?

Before beginning to explain the differences between Normal Reading, and Speed Reading, I want to ask you that have you ever heard of Speed Reading ? As a reader, some people are aware that there are Speed Reading Techniques that help people to read with really high level of speed, and increase their reading comprehension while reading. But some people aren’t aware that Speed Reading.

Let’s to define what Normal Reading is, and what Speed Reading is;

What is Normal Reading ?

Normal Reading is the reading that we learn on traditional school system, or we can call it Traditional School System Reading. Traditional School System teaches you reading word by word. Every people in the world(including me) learned reading on primary school, and we were though reading by word by word by doing subvocalizing the words.

Note: This Subvocalization situation is a big serious problem on your reading life.

And this vocalization habit on our childhood causes us making Subvocalization(repeating from your Inside while reading). That causes serious problem. When you read something, you normally don’t vocalize the words, but you repeat what you read from your inside. This repeating on inside between your mouth and brain process is Subvocalization.

Subvocalization is the first reason that why you have low level of reading comprehension as normal reader, and why you read low amount of pages per minute. Subvocalization(repeating on your inside, little voice between your mouth and brain) keeps your reading at extremely low level. Subvocalization is also big part of the Normal Reading.

Traditional School System also teaches you reading on stopping points, comas, question marks, etc. These stoppings only waste your time while reading, and there are no benefits amoung them.

School System also doesn’t encourage you for Speed Reading. When you learn how to read on school, I guess that your primary school teacher doesn’t encourage you how you can also increase your reading speed.

In conclusion, normal reading is a reading that was thought you on traditional school system. Most of the readers in the world are normal readers, because they aren’t introduced with Speed Reading.

What is Speed Reading ?

Speed reading is the reading that being able to read faster than normal reading range. Speed Reading is completely different with Normal Reading. On Speed Reading you read high amount of words per minute with only basic techniques.

However, Speed Reading isn’t though on Traditional School System.

Readers use some techniques on their reading period, and the techniques are Speed Reading Techniques. With these effective techniques, any reader can reach 750 words per minute easily, even though they can reach more words per minute on the long term. Speed Reading is a long term journey. Because when you increase your reading speed, you have to use it in all time, because speed reading isn’t a short term ability that you can use.

Speed Reading Techniques also help you to increase your reading comprehension, because when you increase your reading speed, you use high amount of your brain ability. Speed readers cannot be distracted easily while reading, that is because they have higher level of concentration and focus ability than normal readers.

On Speed Reading, readers have two option about Subvocalization. They don’t do Subvocalization while reading process, or they minimize their Subvocalization at minimum level. Subvocalization is the biggest enemy on speed reading, because Subvocalization keeps you on low number per minute, and low reading comprehension level.

During Speed Reading, readers also use visual placer while reading to support their eye movements. If the reader doesn’t support eye movements while reading, reader’s eyes can waste time easily, and reader’s eyes waste their peripheral vision.

Normal readers waste their Peripheral Vision while reading. However, speed readers benefit their peripheral vision on highest efficiency level.

Speed Readers also not waste their eye movements while reading. They benefit from their eye movements as much as efficeny that they can.

In Normal Reading, readers waste most of their eye movements. For example; when you read any book, you have a look a lot of times on the gap of book right ? That’s wasting area. Unfourtunately, most of readers waste their eye movements while reading, that’s because of these gaps areas on the page you read.

Can Speed Reading Be Learnable ?

Definetly yes. Every speed readers have learned speed reading techniques either by course or by coach guidance. Speed Reading is just a basic techniques that will directly increase your reading speed. For example; when you apply speed reading techniques, you use visual placer to support your eye movements while reading. Visual placer also helps you keep your reading comprehension, and speed on top level.

As Speed Reading Coach, I have educated many people to increase their reading speed on the next level. You can easily double, triple your reading speed by basic techniques. Please check out our 21 Days Speed Reading Course. From this course, we teach you everything that you need to know for Speed Reading. Speed Reading is easy to learn and adopt. Never forget it, when you learn Speed Reading, you are going to invest yourself. You are going to save your future countless of lifetime. You are going to be able to finish your daily work quicker than normal time. You are going to be able to finish a book within shorter time period.

In conclusion, there are some difference between speed reading, and normal reading. On normal reading, you read with low amount of words per minute, and because of that reason, your reading comprehension is at low level. However, in speed reading that is completely different. You can read much faster on speed reading and you can keep your comprehension on high level.