What Are The Speed Reading Techniques ?

You may have heard previously that speed reading techniques on websites, or events, or books, etc. But what are these speed reading techniques ?

With just basic, and effective techniques, you can always increase your reading speed and your reading comprehension easily.

Speed Reading Techniques are The Techniques that help you to increase your reading speed, and to strengthen your reading skill.

Depending on the sources that you benefit from, there can be a lot of different speed reading techniques.

Let’s find out what are the speed reading techniques;

1- Visual Placer Techniques

Visual Placer Techniques are the Techniques that help you to support your eye movements while reading.

Thanks to Visual Placer Techniques, you can support your eye movements while reading. It is an essential speed reading technique, because you have to support your eye movements while reading.

If you don’t support your eye movements while reading, your eyes may waste a lot of time during the reading process.

It is also important which visual placer technique that you use for reading. For example; you shouldn’t use your hand and index finger as visual placer, because if you do it, you will tire your hand while reading, and it will affect your reading speed negatively on the reading process.

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2- Eliminating Subvocalization

Subvocalization has the biggest impact on reading, because subvocalization always keeps you in a low reading range. Subvocalization always affects your reading speed negatively.

Subvocalization keeps you at a low speed reading range, and subvocalization is also the main reason why most readers read between 150 words, and 300 words per minute.

Subvocalization also affects reading comprehension negatively. Because once you do Subvocalization, you distract yourself by the little voice in your brain.

Eliminating Subvocalization completely is one of the greatest speed reading techniques, because once you do it, you will realize the differences in your reading life.

You will increase your reading speed by yourself, and your reading comprehension will also be increased according to your reading speed.

3-Protecting Yourself From Atmosphere Distractions

Atmosphere Distractions also impact reading speed extremely negatively. Eliminating Atmosphere Distractions can be one of the beneficial speed reading techniques for your reading life.

Atmosphere distractions can be a person who walks in front of you while reading, or it can be a voice that may affect your reading attention, focus ability negatively.

It can also be a visual material like a video, or screen that may disturb your reading.

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what are the Speed Reading Techniques

4- Choosing Effective Reading Position

Choosing appropriate and effective reading position is also impactful on speed reading, because your reading position will determine your reading performance.

Most readers underestimate the importance of reading positions while reading, but it is extremely critical on your reading life. It basically determines your reading performance, especially your reading speed.

Good reading positions will always be helpful to read faster, and the bad reading positions will also cause you to read slower and with low reading comprehension.

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5-Using Peripheral Vision On Highest Efficiency

Peripheral Vision is an important technique on speed reading, because peripheral vision is your vision area. Peripheral Vision will determine your reading range on reading material.

For effective Speed Reading, it is important to use peripheral vision on top level efficiency.

Peripheral Vision is extremely impactful on reading because you have to benefit from your peripheral vision with highest efficiency.

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6- Not Moving Head, Only Moving Eyes While Reading

It is always important to remember the fact that you should only move your eyes while reading.

You shouldn’t move your head while reading, because it affects your reading ability negatively.

You should only adapt to moving your eyes while reading.

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7- Doing Effective Eye Movements While Reading Process

While reading, it is vital to do effective eye movements on the page that we read.

If we don’t do effective eye movements while reading, we only waste our eye movements without logical reason, and that causes us also wasting time.

Doing effective eye movements is also an important speed reading technique, because it directly impacts the reader’s reading speed.

If you do effective eye movements while reading, it will positively increase your reading speed.

8- Having Right Mindset

Having Right and Positive Mindset are the critical important before beginning to read, because these factors directly impact your brain ability.

You should always have a positive-good mindset before beginning to read.

You should always stay away from stress because stress shuts off your immune system. Stress also impacts your Subconscious Mind extremely negatively.

You should also stay away from stressful situations in your life.

You should keep your emotional state on a high level, because a negative emotional state will have a negative impact on your reading life. However, a positive emotional state will have positive impact on your reading life.

You should also focus only on positivity on your life, and on your reading. Because once you shift your attention to positive events, it will also impact your brain health positively.

Don’t forget the fact that a positive and healthy brain is one of the best speed reading sources, because this kind of brain can basically achieve anything that you may desire.

In conclusion, these 7 ways are the Speed Reading Techniques. You can check out our 21 Day Speed Reading Course. From our Speed Reading Course, we basically teach you everything that you need to know for speed reading.