What Is Conscious Mind Responsible For ?

What is Conscious Mind Respobsible For ? Conscious Mind always creates our current actions, and reality. With our Conscious decisions, we create our own reality, and current actions. Every decision is created and impressed firstly on the Conscious Mind. Whatever we have in our life such as wealth, health situation, behavior, action, etc. all of them have been created within our conscious mind. Without Conscious actions, they couldn’t have been created. All decisions are made within conscious mind.

For example; at your current moment, you have two choices on your lunch time to eat fish or hamburger. You decide to eat one of the choices that you have, and before eating, you make your current decision to eat one of the meal options. But without making a decision, you cannot eat either of them. Like this example, everything in your life is the creation of your Conscious Mind’s choices. Conscious Mind is responsible for every decision that we make in our life. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have any responsibility. Contrast, we have full responsibility for whatever we have, and decide in our life, because without our choice, the conscious mind cannot function, and decide itself on its own.  Conscious Mind is our current awareness,which is controlled by ourselves consciously. Without current awareness, the conscious mind cannot exist. It cannot do its job. Every decision we make on our current time creates our current Conscious actions.

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For example; you are in the crowd of people that play basketball in front of you. And suddenly, you have been invited to join them at their basketball game. However, you know that you have a responsibility to study for your examination at this time. But you like the idea of playing basketball with people, and you know that if you don’t study for the exam at this time, there will be likely that you are going to fail.

You have two options at this time, if you decide to join them, and play basketball in all time, and take the exam without preparation, and fail on exam, because of your current conscious choice, you decide to choose to fail on exam, Because you knew that what was going to happen potentially of joining the game at this time. You knew the potential of consequences. If you refuse to join the game even though you like the game, and you go to study for your exam purposes, and you succeed in your exam, that is because of your conscious decision. Because even though you like the idea of playing basketball with people, you were aware of your responsibilities, and you had the option to choose either one of them. You chose to get a good grade on an exam by your conscious action. Without your conscious decisions, either joining a basketball game or studying on your exam wouldn’t have happened. They would have happened thanks to your Conscious actions, and decisions.

Healthy Habits or Potential Future Illnesses

Every future illnesses or healthy habits are created by your current Conscious Mind, by current actions. Conscious Mind is an objective mind that can make choices, and that can determine what is good or bad for you. Because you are in charge of the decision.If you are given two different choices, one is good, and the other one is bad for you. You can either select one of them or reject one of them. The consequences are totally up to you. Because without your decision, both actions cannot happen. But thanks to your decision, one action will definitely happen, and there will be consequences of this action in your future depending on which choice you make at the present time.

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For example; You are given two choices at the same time. The first option is doing exercise regularly everyday until at the end of your life. That’s a good choice, because for your health, you have to do regular exercise. And, on the other hand, you are also given a stressful activity, that increases your stress level on your body every time you do the specific activity, and it affects you negatively. And this option will also be done regularly until at the end of your life. You have to choose one of them. You don’t have any external influences on your outside to make a decision, because you are in the driver seat of your Conscious Mind. You can either choose the healthy one or the bad one. If you choose the regular exercise option until the end of your life, you will probably have a healthy body, and a healthy life. However, if you choose the stressful activity that will be done regularly until at the end of your life, it is likely that you will be affected, or potentially have any disease in the future as a result of high levels of stress. You can decide to choose either one of your options for your future, and you can analyze and decide which one is good for you and which one is bad. With this way, thanks to your Conscious Mind, and Conscious Actions, you can always protect yourselves from potential harmful events, and you can always improve your well being by taking beneficial conscious choices such as exercising everyday.

Every Friendship, and Relationship

Every friendship and relationship we have in the present, and we will have in the future is created by our choices. If we have a bad friendship with someone, who always gives us negativity, that is because of our current choice, which is controlled by ourselves. We have the power, ability to reject or finish this negative friendship with a specific negative person. If we have a positive friendship with someone who always gives us positivity, who always impacts us in a positive way, we have the ability, power to keep, and continue this friendship. Every bad or negative relationship we have in our life is the creation of our decisions. Every decision comes from Conscious Mind, and thanks to our Conscious Mind, we can create and manage our current reality, and by these choices, we can also shape our future actions by impressing our Subconscious Mind. The same principle applies to marriage or any relationship as well. Remember, you are in the driver seat of your Conscious Mind, you have always the ability to choose anything in your life.

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