What Is Conscious Mind ?

What is Conscious Mind ? Conscious Mind is our Objective Mind that we control consciously. Conscious Mind is our analyzer Mind that can analyze and determine what is beneficial or not.

For example; when we have any two different choices that are opposite to each other, we can analyze the situation, and determine what is beneficial or not thanks to our Conscious Mind.

Conscious Mind also determines what is good or bad for us, and we begin to shape our reality, and life choices by this way. For example; when we face positive and negative choices that we have to make in our life, we determine what is good and bad thanks to our conscious mind, and we potentially choose the good choice for ourselves.

Conscious Mind can accept or reject any idea that is given at the present moment. For example; if we face extremely harmful negative words, and also face positive ideas at the same time, the Conscious Mind can always accept and reject any idea that we choose to believe or not. If we believe negative thoughts, the conscious mind can accept negativity because of our current awareness choice. However, most likely, if we believe the positive ideas, the conscious mind accepts positive thoughts, and can impress the Subconscious Mind with positive ideas. It is the main first controller of our reality.

Conscious Mind is gate keeper, and protector of our Subconscious Mind. Our Subconscious Mind Controls everything in our body, and in our reality. However, Conscious Mind controls, and shapes our Subconscious Mind. So everything we accept, and impress on our Conscious Mind, will represent our reality. Conscious Mind has an extremely important job at the beginning because it can determine, and reject any negative situation, and potential threat, that can harm us in the future. By this way, the conscious mind is the first protector of our body. Because whatever is impressed on Conscious Mind, it will directly go to and be created on our Subconscious Mind. Whatever we decide, and create on our consciousness, they will be created on our Subconscious reality.

We have two biological minds in our brain. They are Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind. They work in totally opposite ways with each other. Conscious Mind  is objective, however, Subconscious is subjective, which cannot make selection. Conscious Mind represents %5 of our brain ability. The Subconscious Mind represents our %95 of our brain ability. Our front lobe of the brain is our Conscious Mind, which is our current reality. Whatever we are aware of at the moment, everything is shaped, and controlled from our Conscious Mind.  The other %95 of our brain ability is our Subconscious Mind.

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Conscious Mind is short term memory. Whatever we decide, and keep thoughts in our brain, we control these short term events in our Conscious Mind. by objectively, that we can always select, and reject depending on our desire.

Conscious Mind is a creative Mind, and can basically create anything, and desire anything. Whatever individual is impressed by his or her current thoughts, he or she can create basically anything by only having thoughts thanks to Conscious Mind. Because Conscious Mind has the ability to choose what to believe, and impress or not. That means that, by having the desire to create anything, we can shape, influence, and create our Subconscious reality. We can create anything, and change anything in our Subconscious Mind, by impression, having strong faith, and desire in our Conscious Mind.

The Subconscious Mind controls reality, and everything in our life, but thanks to Conscious thoughts, and desires, we impress these ideas firstly before they go to the Subconscious Mind.

Conscious Mind is an Influencer Mind that can create and impress anything, because it has the ability to choose and reject. It has no limit to choose any decision or thought that can be created.

Conscious Mind is the beginning of everything, because we start every action on our Conscious Mind by selection, desire, faith, and actions.

The Beginning of Healing

Our Subconscious Mind is the healer of the body. It controls every function of our body, and it is the biological healing. There are two types of healing illnesses, disease in this world. The Subconscious Mind is our biological healer of our body, and Infinite Intelligence(Universal Mind) is spiritual healing. Subconscious Mind Healing (Faith Healing), and Spiritual Healing are totally different from each other. Spiritual Healing is God Healing, and God’s Power. Subconscious Mind is our biological power. But every two types of healing needs to begin with current awareness, current decision, which is strong desire, and having faith.

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We control every one of our decisions, choices, beliefs, and desires by firstly our Conscious Mind thinking. Thanks to our Conscious Mind thoughts, and desires, we can create anything, and begin to believe it. So both healing types need to be decided, desires, and believed firstly on Conscious thoughts. Our Consciousness creates, and stars every of eveling on our body, and on our life. Because without Conscious decisions, we cannot shape, and influence our Subconscious Impressions, and we cannot desire to get healed from Infinite Intelligence.

The Beginning of Changing

Conscious Mind is the creative mind. The Conscious Mind can basically create any idea, and influence the Subconscious Mind by these ideas. Every change begins with our Conscious desires, and beliefs. Without Conscious desires, and beliefs, we cannot create any reality.

Whatever we have in our life, we can change them upon the direction that we want them to go first by our Conscious decisions. Once we change our Conscious decisions, by having strong faith, and desire, we can create anything with nothing. And by having strong desire, faith, and reputation, we can change any current reality in our Subconscious Mind.

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Everything in our life begins with Conscious Decision. Without Conscious Decision, we cannot begin to create any action. So the Conscious Mind is the beginning of every changing situation in our life. Thanks to Conscious actions, we create our own reality.

When we want to change something in our life, we have to firstly change our Conscious Reality. Our Subconscious Mind controls, and runs our body, but every programmed thoughts in our Subconscious Mind are created firstly on Conscious Mind. By beginning to change our Conscious Mind, and current actions, anything can be achieved or done. But Conscious Mind is the beginning of every action.