Why Do We Need Vitamins ?

Why do we need vitamins ? First of all, most of you wonder why do we need vitamins ? Or why the human body is really dependent on vitamins ?

Human body has really complex structure functionalities, in order to fulfill these functionalities and our body requirements, we are dependent on vitamins. Vitamins are the most important element in our health.

Every vitamin has a different mission on our body, and every one of them are responsible for our different functionality and organs.  Most people are just aware about vitamin C, but there are 13 different kinds of vitamins we need to get for our body functions.

We generally take most of our vitamins from food consumption because the human body doesn’t produce enough vitamins as much as the human need or the human body cannot produce the vitamins we need.

But there is one rule breaker exemption for Vitamin D. For example, to get enough vitamin D, the human body needs to be exposed to the sun because the human body gets its %90 of Vitamin D from Sunshine, and most of the time, the human body cannot get its Vitamin D from food consumption because of inadequate density of Vitamin D from foods.

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Vitamins support us to grow up, to develop ourselves and our functionality, and vitamins support us to generate our tissues. They also protect us from different kinds of diseases. If we really get the disease, they also help us to recover from it. Vitamins also protect us from microbial and chronic illnesses, and even though if we infect with serious illnesses, they are also our protector and main responsible for recovering.

When we injure, vitamins help us to heal our wound and recover our skin. They are our main shields and operation queens on our body. When we begin to have an insufficient specific type of vitamin problem, our body’s specific function begins to develop a security hole for diseases and illnesses in our body . Sometimes, these illnesses and diseases affect us seriously because of this gap of functions.

Which vitamin is the most important or vital for us ? 

Well, the human body needs to get every 13 different types of vitamins to keep its functions well. But there are two vitamins which are king and queen on our body. Vitamin C can be king and vitamin D can be queen because of their responsibilities and functionalities. But we should definitely keep in our minds that we need to get every vitamin adequate for our health.

There are some important points which can cause problems for our body as well as over consumption of some vitamins. If we consume a specific type of vitamin too much, it can cause some problems and reactions.  In the short term, these problems can be generally allergic reactions or basic poisoning. But the important situation is in the long term, the specific over consumption of specific vitamin can also cause serious illnesses, because our body generally throw out and get rid of over consumption of water soluble vitamins by body liquids, but overconsumption of fat soluble vitamins cannot be thrown out easily because our body main function is to storage fat soluble vitamins, which are vitamin A,D,E, and K. 

The important point is even though vitamins are the kings and queens for our body functions, we need to consume as much as we need.

Which Vitamins Do We Need ?

The first thing you need to know about vitamins is that all types of vitamins we need in our life come in two different ways.

Fat Soluble Vitamins: A, D, E and K vitamins

Water Soluble Vitamins: B and C Vitamins

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Vitamin B is separated into 8 different types into itself, which are Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7,B9 AND B12. Now, you have been thinking that are there really 8 different types of B vitamins ? 

Yes, There are 13 different types of vitamins we need to consume adequately. All of them have different missions on our body and health. 

All plants and all bacterias can create their vitamins on their own. However, humans must consume elements to supply the vitamins we need for themselves.

You may ask what is the difference between fat soluble Vitamins and Water Soluble Vitamins.

Fat soluble vitamins can be stored into our body, that means that once we get the Vitamin A, D,E, and K, our body stores some amount of these vitamins.

However, water soluble vitamins cannot be stored into our body except vitamin B12, vitamin B 12 can be stored on our body for years. Once we consume more Water Soluble vitamins our body needs, our body throws out over consumption of Water Soluble Vitamins by body liquids.