Why Is Conscious Mind Important ?

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Why is Conscious Mind important ? We live as being not aware of The Power of our Conscious Mind, and The Power of our Subconscious Mind respectively. They work in totally opposite ways to each other. Their functions shape our lives, health, wealth, and career. Relationships, happiness, everything that we may have in our life.

Our Subconscious Mind is controlled by our Conscious Mind. Every programmed area, paradigms begin into our consciousness. That’s the reason why Conscious Mind is extremely important in our life. Because everything that is created in our life, is created firstly into our Consciousness by our desires. We create everything that we want to create by our awareness. It can be positive or negative things, but we still create what we focus on at the present time.

Conscious Mind is the biggest, most powerful creator in the universe. Conscious Mind doesn’t have any limitation to create anything.

We have to always be more aware of our Conscious actions, because our Conscious actions will always dictate our present time, and our future.

There are 4 reasons why Conscious Mind is so important for everything.

4 Reasons Why Conscious Mind Is Important


1- Powerful Emotions


Every of our long term emotions stay in our Subconscious Mind. Our Subconscious Mind is our Emotional Mind, that totally dictates the programme of our body, and our actions. But this powerful emotional mind is controlled by our Conscious Mind, that represents %5 power of our body. That brings critical important responsibility to the Conscious Mind, why ? That’s because the Conscious Mind is the beginning of the creation of everything. Every emotion, firstly, must be impressed into our Conscious Mind so that it can be passed into our Subconscious Mind.

Conscious Mind is the analyzer, Conscious Mind can determine what is good or bad, and can also choose which emotions will be impressed.

For example; when you walk on the street, you can see your friend, and your friend  may give you negative emotions about yourself, such as “ you are not clever enough to do something like this.”


Even though the person is your friend, that’s totally his/her opinion. You can either accept this “not clever idea to do something’’ consciously or you can reject this idea instantly from your consciousness.

The emotions or emotional ideas that come to the Conscious Mind can be extremely positive, that can cause to create endless success in your life. But these emotions or emotional ideas can be extremely negative that can cause miserable, or endless destructive things into your life. Conscious Mind is the first creator of emotions that will impress our life permanently.We can create every emotion that we want to have on our Conscious Mind. There is no limitation on Conscious Mind, because Conscious Mind is capable of creating anything that we desire.

We always decide which emotions that we want to have and create consciously. It doesn’t matter whether we may face positive or negative situations, we can always create any kind of emotions by our own thoughts, and actions.

2- Powerful Ideas


 Every powerful successful idea comes to our Conscious Mind. Our reactions to these thoughts determine our successes or our failures.

For example; if you have someone in your life like a family member, and when you do something new, at the beginning, if your family member tells you that “you cannot do it, you are not good enough”, it can be true in the future. But if your family member also tells you that “ you can do anything, you are capable of everything.”, this can be true as well. Because if you think that you can do it or you cannot do it, both of them are true. Both of them will come true according to your Conscious thoughts, and actions.

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We can always create great wealth without nothing, by only our Conscious Mind’s creations. We can also have the happiest relationship that we have always dreamed of by our Conscious actions. Every idea is born into the Conscious Mind, and we choose these ideas for our lives. We can totally control and dictate these ideas for our own good, without any limitation.

3- Powerful Actions


Conscious Mind is short term memory, that controls short term reality, and our short term actions. However, the Subconscious Mind is long term memory, that controls our long term reality, and long term actions. Long term actions that are controlled from the Subconscious Mind are controlled, and directed fully by our short term Conscious Mind’s actions. That means that, no matter what happened in our past, or what kind of experiences, background we have, we can always create anything with nothing.


Yes, Subconscious Mind controls the long term of our actions, but Conscious Mind manages, and dictates these actions. With our Conscious awareness, we can create any powerful action, and we can keep these actions for the long term or for the short term. These actions can lead us to great successed, but these actions also can lead us to massive failures. We are the creator of these actions, so it is always important to be aware of the Conscious actions in our life.

4- Powerful Reaction


 The reactions we give to experiences we live, and face into life determine our emotions, and our emotional reality into our Subconscious Mind. Every reaction is firstly created by Conscious Mind, and we can also create these reactions by our Conscious awareness. That is critically important, because most people blame the circumstances that they experience in their life. They blamed what happened to them, rather than realizing to choose the reactions that they had created consciously at the events that they experienced.

For example; you can get fired from your job suddenly, without any explanation, and after getting fired, you can begin to think negative thoughts into your mind. If you create a negative reaction after getting fired, you will definitely have negativity in your life. The negativity doesn’t come to you because of getting fired from your job. The negativity comes because of your reaction to the event.


You cannot control what happens to you or what happened to you in your life, but you can always control the reactions that you give to these events.

You can suddenly create extremely positive reactions, even though you may face terrible events, and you can suddenly change the vibration that you are in.

Conscious Mind is extremely important in our life, because everything in this life begins within our Consciousness, and we are the real creator of everything we live on.