Why Is Parenting Important on Subconscious Mind ?

Why is parenting important on Subconscious Mind ? When we were born as a baby, our Subconscious Mind was wide open. We come into this world as our Subconscious Mind is wide open. Our Subconscious Mind controls our body, our body functions, our organs’ functions, our blood circulation, genes, cells, our behaviors, our thoughts, our beliefs, our actions, and Subconscious Mind is the healer of our body.

Subconscious Mind is the director, and manager of our life. It controls everything, and Subconscious Mind is controlled from the Conscious Mind. Our Conscious thoughts, beliefs control our Subconscious Mind. But our Conscious Mind begins to exist when we reach six years old.

Between our borning time, and six years old time, there is no Conscious Mind, or Consciousness. We have only Subconscious Mind, and our Subconscious Mind was wide open at this time. Every beliefs, thoughts, opinions, actions, emotions that our father, and mother give us, directly go, and effect Subconscious Mind. And these beliefs, thoughts, opinions, actions, emotions are stored within our Subconscious Mind in our lifetime, and they always affect us until we die.

Now, what is the problem ?

Our Conscious Mind directly controls our Subconscious Mind. The thoughts, and beliefs we accept mentally create our paradigms, programmed areas into Subconscious Mind.

Conscious Mind can always make choices, can always determine what is good or bad, and can always accept or reject any situation by our choice. Because we manage our Conscious Mind, which is our Consciousness. However, Subconscious Mind works in the totally opposite way. Subconscious Mind cannot make choices. Subconscious Mind cannot determine what is good or bad. Subconscious Mind cannot reject any bad idea, it only accepts whatever the Conscious Mind gives.

If Conscious Mind gives negativity, Subconscious Mind has to only obey, and accept negativity, because it doesn’t have a choice. It only accepts the ideas.

The big problem starts over here, because between the time we are born, and until six years old, we don’t have Conscious Mind, or we don’t have Consciousness. That means that we don’t have any gatekeeper or protector for the Subconscious Mind.

 Until six years old, everything our family gives us goes to the Subconscious Mind.

If the family gave negative ideas to child until six years old, the negative ideas impact the Subconscious Mind. If family gave positivity, the positive ideas impact the Subconscious Mind.

When we reach six years old, we have already been programmed this way from our family members. Most families aren’t aware of this situation, but families have a direct impact on a child’s future by programming his oher Subconscious Mind.

If the negativities were given to the child until six years old, the child will create negativities in his or her life. If family gave positives to child until six years old, the child will create positivity in his or her life.

The person can change his or her Subconscious Mind, but it is always much better to create a positive Subconscious Mind at the first time.

There are 4 reasons why parenting is important in the Subconscious Mind.

4 Reason Why Parenting Is Important On Subconscious Mind

1- Financial Situation

If the family had always had a hard time with money, or economical situation, the child will probably have the same problems in the future. If the family has always had a job in their lifetime, the child will probably have a job in the future, or will have a similar job. The child is affected financially, because children always tend to copy their parents until they are six years old. They don’t have Consciousness, they only try to copy what they see in their first place.

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2- Abnormal Fears

During childhood time, if family members gave a lot of not true abnormal fears to the child, the child will have the same or similar type of abnormal fears in his or her future. Unfortunately, most families give a lot of abnormal fears to their child, during their programmed time. And these abnormal fears impact a child’s future negatively.

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3- Beliefs & Thoughts

Beliefs, and thoughts are critically important, because most of the beliefs, and thoughts we have right now, are given from our family members during our childhood time. We keep these beliefs, and thoughts over and over again until at the end of our lives. If we can recognize these beliefs, thoughts in our lifetime, and if we can change them, we would be lucky, but most people don’t change their Subconscious Mind. Most people don’t use their Subconscious mind, and they always live with the same programmes, or paradigms.

Our beliefs, and thoughts create our reality. Whatever we have right now in our life, everything has been created according to our beliefs, and thoughts. Without beliefs, and thoughts, we cannot create anything.

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If we keep positive beliefs, thoughts in our life, we would create positivity, because we are programmed with positivity. However, if we keep negative thoughts, beliefs in our life, we would create negative things, because we are programmed this way.

It is always important to pay attention, and recognize the beliefs, thoughts we create in our life.

4- Opinions

Opinions have also extremely impact on our life, because if our family members always give us negative opinions, such as “ you are not smart, you cannot do it”, the child will be directly programmed with this way, in the life time period, which will affect child’s future extremely negatively.

If the parents give the child positive opinions such as “you are smart, you can do anything you want”, the child will be programmed this way, and the child will probably create a lot of successes in his or her life.

We don’t have any Consciousness until we are six years old. Every opinion that our family gives us, affects our future either positive way or negative way.

We have to always have a positive opinion in our Subconscious Mind, so that we can create the things we want in our future.

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