Why Should You Read E-books? 9 Benefits Of Reading E-books

Do you like e-books?

As a reader, do you prefer physical books or e-books ?

As a reader, why should you read e-books?

If you like e-books, then why do you like them ?

If you don’t like e-books, why don’t you like e-books ?

Most readers aren’t aware of the great benefits of e-books. E-books have a lot of features in our reading life. For example; I am 27 years old, and I have read thousands of books in my life, %99 books that I read were e-books. And most readers like e-books as well as me. But what is the reason ?

Ebooks aren’t directly different from physical books. E-books have all the information that physical books have. Moreover, e-books have a lot more features than physical books.

Most readers in the world have adapted to read physical books, because most people have adopted reading by traditional school system rules.

All people in the world have adopted to read physical books in their primary school system, and they adopted to carry with them. Physical books culture comes because of the traditional school system. However, as technology has been improved day by day, the popularity of e-books have risen in society. But this e-book culture created a lot of benefits in our reading life.

Let’s have a look at 10 benefits of reading e-books.

1- Affordable For The Long Term

E-book prices are cheaper than physical books prices. Especially, some of the books can cost higher than $100, but thanks to e-books, we can pay extremely low prices to e-books.

Furthermore, readers don’t pay shipping prices on e-books. When we order physical books, we also have to pay shipping price, and we have to wait for the book, but we don’t pay shipping price on e-books. And there is no shipping waiting, so we don’t wait long to receive our book.

2- Great For Students, And Readers

Readers don’t need to acquire physical books when they want to get any book.This brings a lot of time savings on our life. For example, if any reader orders any book from any marketplace, there can be long waiting or shipping time if the order, and the recipient are in different countries. But, if we buy ebooks, we save a lot of time.

Most students also suffer from carrying books in their student years. I know it personally that, when I was in primary school, and high school, I had been carrying a lot of unnecessary school books, and a lot of students still suffer from this carrying situation. But thanks to e-books, we can carry our entire book collection easily. For example, many universities in the world are aware of this situation, and they try to use e-books for their students.

When you don’t carry a lot of ebooks you don’t have back pain or there is no pain in hand or back on yourself.

I suffered these carrying situations really badly when I was in primary school.

3-Night Friendly Reading

If we want to read something at night, physical books have no light on themselves. However, E-books have their own light, so whether you read on kindle, or table, or laptop, you won’t need to use extra light for the book at night.

If you are in the bed, or bedroom, and if you read something next to your spouse or partner, while your partner sleeps, you don’t disturb your partner with room light, because e-books have their lights, and you can always adjust the screen light.

4- You Can Protect Our Environment, And Protect Our Future

A lot of trees have been cut for the supply of paper, and when physical books are published, a lot of papers are used for themselves. However, when e-books are getting published or created, there is no paper usage, and there is no need to cut any tree for the production of the book.

It is a serious situation for the environment, because by just choosing e-books, instead of physical books, you can impact the environment positively. Because of that reason, e-books can help to save the planet.

There are less resources consumed while producing e-books, and that is a really good thing for the environment.

5- Transportation, Carrying Your Library

Let’s assume that you have a big library, and you need to transport your library to a different house, right ? What is going to happen ? There will be a lot of work for you to transport the entire library to different places. However, when you have thousands, even millions of e-books, you only carry either your computer, or tablet.

If you travel a lot for any reason, you don’t need to carry around your physical books, because if you use e-books, you only carry your electronic devices.

And e-books also don’t consume any place for carrying. That’s a really good thing if we compare the physical books, because 100 physical books can consume a lot of places.

6- Multiple Features

E-books have a lot of features within themselves. These multiple features bring a lot of creative impact on our reading life.

7- Reading Speed

Reading Speed is the first main reason why I highly prefer to read e-books instead of physical books. I can read 1500 words per minute, and when I read any physical books, I can sometimes waste a lot of seconds, or minutes, when I change any page on the book. That is not a good situation for speed readers, because time is our greatest asset, and currency. It is always important to remember that we will never be able to recover our time again.

When you read e-books, it is extremely easy to change pages or pass any page easily, especially if you read on the laptop like me. When you don’t waste time while you change the book pages, you keep your focus & attention ability on the highest level.

There is also no shipping-waiting time when you choose e-books.

If you want to triple your reading speed, or if you want to increase your reading speed, you can check out 21 Days Speed Reading Course. From the Course, we teach speed reading techniques for better reading life.

8- Accessible Everywhere

It is one of the most important benefits to choose ebooks, because you can basically access any e-book, anywhere in the world easily, without spending shipping or cargo fee. For example; if you live in New Zealand, and if you want to access the book in Europe, you save a lot of things by choosing only e-books.

E-books can be accessed in any country from any place. E-books can also help people to learn new languages.

For example; after my university graduation, when I was going to move to Madrid, I improved my Spanish thanks to some e-books, and I learned a lot of Spanish Vocabulary before moving to Spain.

Thanks to e-books, you can also access millions of written internet resources extremely fast.

9- Countless Books Within One Device

If you travel a lot for any reason, this is your greatest benefit. You can book countless e-books within one device, like a tablet or laptop. Depending on the software you use, you can save a lot of time and space by only using this feature.

These devices can be carried extremely easily anywhere.

These 9 benefits are the reason why you can choose to read e-books. As a Speed Reading Coach, I would suggest you to try to read e-books if you don’t like to read e-books, because there are a lot of positive benefits for our reading life, if we choose to read e-books.