Zero To One


It is one of my favorite books that I read about entrepreneurship, and personal success. The author basically teaches you how you can create one company from zero and how you can reach to one, at the most unique level. You learn why most companies fail on their business journey, and why some of the companies succeed on their business journey. The reason why failures have their failures, and the reasons why successful ones achieve their business missions.


If you also want to build a high level of business or company, this book also teaches why some companies can succeed on a really high level, that is because of their uniqueness. The unique ones will achieve their business mission, because they don’t compete with each other, rather than they focus their business missions, and company core values.


Author also mentioned why competition cannot serve your business like how you think. We may think that competition can be good for business, but the author proves that if you focus the competition rather than innovation, and being unique on the business, you will be one of the failure companies among the sector or out of business. However, if you focus on being unique to your company, and not focusing on competition, the author also proves in the book why you are going to be successful in life no matter what happens in the sector.


If you like entrepreneurship or even if you are not an entrepreneur, rather than you focus on your personal success, I would strongly recommend this book for you, because the author proves and shows really good points in the book that why you are going to be successful or failure. I would also strongly recommend you to buy and keep this book from your bookshelf, because the author’s mindset can also guide you in the future if you struggle with competition or innovation ideas.